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Post surgical management - pregnancy test?

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Khanga27 · 18/09/2023 21:21

Hi all

After finding out 29th july in private scan about missed miscarriage (confirmed by NHS 10 days later with medical management the same week) I had a second lot of medical management due to retained products, and then when this failed I had surgical management - this was 10 days ago. The bleeding from.this stopped after about 5 days.

I was told to take a pregnancy test 2 weeks later, but I've had some clear stringy discharge which has me wondering whether I've ovulated or am about to ovulate. On that basis I want to take a pregnancy test now to see if its negative, but wondered should I wait for first thing in the morning to do this for whether hcg (if any left) is at its strongest?


OP posts:
Rosieposie0301 · 18/09/2023 22:49

Hi, sorry to hear about your missed mc. I’m currently in a similar situation. Found out I had a missed mc on 3 September, confirmed on 7 seotember. I should have been 8+2 but baby was measuring 5+6 and no heartbeat. I opted for surgical management which was booked in for 13 September but I started bleeding 11 September and passed the sac on the morning before surgery. Dr scanned me and confirmed I had passed and there was no need for surgery, which was a relief actually.

I have been bleeding for 1 week now but today my bleeding stopped. I took a pregnancy test which showed a faint positive this evening, I plan to test again on Sunday which will be 13 days since my bleeding started and 11 days since I will have passed the sac.

I also took an ovulation test today even tho I knew it was ridiculous, stark negative. I plan on ttc straightaway, even before my period returns. Are you planning the same?
i def recommend taking a test tomorrow, it doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been 2w, every woman and every miscarriage is different.

hope you get your negative pregnancy test and a positive ovulation test soon if that’s what you are hoping for like me!

Khanga27 · 19/09/2023 08:34

Hi @Rosieposie0301 so sorry that you are going through similar.

I took a test this morning and it was negative. I don't know if we will instantly try again but I feel now I am back in control of my body after nearly 2 months of limbo and having no control, and feels good that we can try and decide next steps together.

OP posts:
Rosieposie0301 · 19/09/2023 09:01

That’s brilliant you got your negative test and can start to properly understand and track what your body is doing. At least then once you know what you want to do going forward it’ll make it easier.

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