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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss


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LWs · 18/09/2023 14:26

Hi everyone.

A bit if a long story here.
I've just recently gone through a miscarriage. A very slow and traumatic experience. It wasn't my 1st, in fact my 3rd.
Monday 10th I visited the doc due to back pain and a tiny bit of spotting, done a urine sample, all was clear. She put through a request for a referral to the EPU .. (28 hours later). This wasn't treated as an urgency, in the meantime I'd left countless voicemails to the EPU regarding what was going on and no one got back to me.
Fast forward to Friday 15th I contacted my docs again as the pain was still there however my bleeding was more frequent. I asked if he could put through an emergency referra, but I was basically told I'm not a priority due to my gestation (6 weeks).
Sunday 17th I had bad contraction pain, and I new where this was heading. I passed what looked like the sac. Then my pain calmed down... however today 18th, I've passed what looked like another sac??? Could this have been twins?? Or is this normal??
Also would it be worth making a complaint about the lack of empathy and care I received in this situation?
Thank you

OP posts:
CluelessInLondon · 18/09/2023 15:24

First of all, I'm really sorry to hear what you've gone through, and that it isn't the first time. Please look after yourself and I hope you have lots of support around you.

I just wanted to comment on your second question about making a complaint - I work in management in the NHS and I am always of the view that it's much harder for a service to improve if nobody ever tells them they've had a bad experience. It might not lead to anything drastically different happening, but you are completely within your rights to want your experience to be acknowledged, and it gives both the hospital and your GP practice an opportunity to do better for people in your position next time round. I would encourage you to write to both of them (the hospital should have a PALS team you can email which deals with concerns and feedback informally, after which you can raise a formal complaint if you're not happy with their response) explaining what happened and why you're concerned about how you were dealt with.

PinkRoses1245 · 18/09/2023 15:28

Sorry you've been through this. I had a miscarriage at what I thought was 11 weeks (hadn't had a scan yet), it was very quick and sudden. I had an awful experience trying to get treatment on the NHS, ended up going private. Please do complain - change will never happen otherwise. I have complained to my GP, midwife team and PALS at the hospital.

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