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Periods after miscarriage

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capetownclaire · 18/09/2023 08:23

Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone could share what their cycle looked like after miscarriage?
I had a natural miscarriage on the 24th of July at 10 weeks. 1st period arrived 3 weeks later, now 5 weeks since then and I'm waiting. I think I'm about 14DPO, negative tests on the easy@home Premom tests. Been feeling crampy and very very slight spotting for the past 5 days but nothings really got going yet. My cycle is usually 28days and very regular. Would love to hear what others experienced and when did things go back to what they were? Thank you 🪴

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Hollycharlie · 18/09/2023 11:55

@capetownclaire hey, I had a mmc at 10weeks naturally started on 10/8, completed 18/8. I’ve only just ovulated hopefully so expect af in another 2 weeks , if not caught again which i doubt I’ll be that lucky. So it would be 7 weeks from start of Mc to actual af.

capetownclaire · 19/09/2023 08:47

@Hollycharlie thanks for the reply!!! So strange, I've had very light brown spotting for about 5 days with mild cramping. 15DPO. and negative test. Lots of nausea yesterday and boobs feel so tender. Feel like my body is giving in 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Hollycharlie · 19/09/2023 09:30

@capetownclaire it’s just so frustrating . We’ve been trying since 2 weeks post Mc, I’ve had every first symptom of pregnancy, now I realise it can’t be as def ovulated at weekend .The first one you had at 3 weeks after Mc doesn’t sound like a full blown period. Did you have negative PT and test for LH? I can’t speak from experience as I’m still waiting for first AF but I’ve been researching quite a bit on this whole situation for myself so id be thinking of calling the epu for a scan if it continued much longer in your situation and just spotting here and there. Although I hope it’s good news for you and you get a BFP on a new pregnancy. X

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