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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Very light bleeding and negative tests

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Cj181001 · 17/09/2023 21:55

Hiya, just looking for some advice because I can't stop thinking about it. Sorry its long!

On August 18th my period was late so I tested and had a positive pregnancy test and had pregnancy symptoms the whole next week, worked out I was about 5 weeks.
On the 21st I started spotting and then bled for the next 3 days, just lightly, enough to change a pad twice a day and then spotting again on the 5th day. But no pain at all throughout.
On the first day of light bleeding, I went to a and e and they did my blood pressure and a urine test that came back negative, but where I'd been panicking I'd been weeing and drinking water all morning before the test. They told me to wait a week or 2 and test again.

On the 28th I tested again and was negative, called the maternity ward, explained and was told to test again in 1-2 weeks as the bleeding was only light and doctor can't test hcg levels for some reason.

So I tested again september 10th in the morning and had 2 negative tests, called the maternity ward and they said that meant that my baby was definitely gone and then hung up without any advice or anything.

Just keep thinking about it because I still haven't had any period or anything and they never did any bloods and i have no advice, can anyone help? Thank you!

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Hiddenvoice · 18/09/2023 08:44

I’m really sorry you’re going through this, it does sound like you’ve had a miscarriage.

Sadly the gp won’t do much. I had bloods taken with my gp before, they didn’t follow the 48 hr rule and it messed things up and made me very confused and upset.

You could try phone the early pregnancy unit again and ask for some advice and explain you’re worried. Hopefully you’ll speak to someone a bit more sympathetic this time.

Sometimes your periods can be a little irregular afterwards so try not to worry about that. You could make a gp appointment to talk about it but they may not be the best support.

Cj181001 · 18/09/2023 11:53

Thank you so much, I'm so sorry you went through similar x

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PinkRoses1245 · 18/09/2023 15:30

it sounds like you have had a miscarriage, i never had bloods or urine taken to confirm - just had a negative test. It took about 5 weeks for me to have a period.

Cj181001 · 18/09/2023 18:44

Okay thank you x

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