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Positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after MC

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JSmart13 · 17/09/2023 18:30

Unfortunately my pregnancy resulted in a missed miscarriage that was found at a follow up scan. I had a medical miscarriage on 26th august where I began bleeding heavily and passing clots in the evening. I passed a big clot (quite possibly the sac as it was the size of my hand and white) later that evening and then bleed fairly heavily for a week. Then by week two some on and off spotting and now week 3 just some brown discharge. I was told by the EPU after 3 weeks take a pregnancy test and if positive phone them. I took a pregnancy test this evening and still coming back very clearly positive… I took a clear blue digital and it read “pregnant 1-2”. My EPU unit is closed over the weekend (not very helpful) so will phone them tomorrow for advice? Has anyone experienced this before and everything been fine or could it be I still have remains inside that haven’t fully passed.

this could not possibly be a new pregnancy as me and DH have not DTD to the full (we have tried) but didn’t finish. Any advice please

Positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after MC
Positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after MC
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worldwidetravel2017 · 17/09/2023 21:37

Hcg hormones cantake 1 - 9 weeks to get out of system
Def talk to them

Blue2020 · 18/09/2023 08:49

Go back to your epu and they can scan to check. I had a missed miscarriage, I then naturally passed lots on the toilet and I kept bleeding for weeks after. I took a test at 3 weeks and it was a feint positive. I went back to epu and they confirmed it was retained products, I then opted for the surgery (Erpc) to make sure it would end. It’s worth asking them to make sure there is nothing left and it’s just the hcg.

Khanga27 · 18/09/2023 09:58

Hi there I'm so sorry for you going through this. I had similar, medically managed miscarriage after confirmed missed miscarriage, and 3 weeks later still tested positive. A scan confirmed there were still retained products of pregnancy. I opted for medical management again but nothing happened or came out so had to have surgical management.

You should contact your EPAU for a scan and to discuss any next steps.

JSmart13 · 18/09/2023 12:10

@Blue2020 @Khanga27 @worldwidetravel2017 thank you everyone I have an appointment next Monday… if I test negative before then they said they shouldn’t have to see me

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