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Blood clot testing ( thrombophilia screening)

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Bighugs88 · 16/09/2023 23:21

I am just here ro ask anyone who has any knowledge or remembers getting their blood test done in the UK NHS for blood clotting for recurrent miscarriages.
I know I may need to contact the clinic directly where my blood test appointment was.

I will try to keep this short: I have been referred to a local fertility clinic (not situated in a hospital),the clinic runs in a doctor surgery during certain days in the weekdays.
I met the consultant in Aug 2023 and she made a note about my 2 recurrent miscarriages last year, I haven't fallen pregnant over 13 months since last miscarriage eventhough I have tried my best, meaning weight wise, tracking, dtd often, lying down, raising legs in the air, me and husband taking multi vitamin tablets etc. I am 35 yrs old, we have 1 daughter who was conceived after 12 months but didn't have miscarriages at that point of time.

So consultant said book yourself for a pelvic& transvaginal scan and she manually filled out a blood form: which has my correct details and the tests she had written down were: thrombophilia screening, anti-thrombin III, proteins LUPM, anti-coagulant factor etc. She said will be able to see your results via your NHS number. I checked my details on the blood request form and they were correct. So she booked a follow-up appointment for November it's after a few months so that the results for blood and scan will be available

I called my local blood centre and they confirmed on the phone that this blood test can be performed at their clinic.
So I have my blood test on 7/9/23 in the morning and I am very worried& disappointed because the phlebotomist who are specialists in drawing bloods, looked at the form read the tests requested and laughed and said oh I haven't done these in ages, not sure what coloured sample tube to use, ah this one she took blood in the yellow coloured tube and said results will be available in 7 days time.

I have the NHS app so any blood results with my NHS number will show up on there and it's been 10 days and there are no results.

Then I just checked online for uk blood sample collection on the nhs website and it mentions that a light blue coloured collection tube is used for blood clotting as it contains sodium citrate which the blood should be placed into. The yellow coloured tube is used for biochemistry tests so could be for the proteins.
So I am very sure unless I am mistaken the phlebotomist had minimal knowledge and collected blood in the wrong tube. This has happened twice, I had a blood clotting test last year after my second miscarriage and never received the results. I am aware that the lab processing the results will reject samples of they are in the wrong tube. However, this is not my fault as a patient my responsibility is to check my details are correct on the blood form, it is the phlebotomist's responsibility to know what sample tubes to use, if she wasn't sure then she should have checked with her team or supervisor. This is really unprofessional and has broken my trust.

I was hoping anyone on here remember what sample tube (blue or yellow) was used for the blood clotting test for miscarriages.

I should go into the blood centre on Monday and speak to them as I did take a picture of my blood form and have the date/time email of the appointment. Should I raise my concern with the consultant as well? No point waiting for appointment in Nov to discuss this as I can ask for the blood form again to do the blood test.

I mean this is really bad I have waited many months to get referred and now there have been many drawbacks, but come on the nhs staff working to draw blood should know what coloured tubes to use?

OP posts:
Bighugs88 · 17/09/2023 00:17

Any ideas how I should deal with this?
Just seems like I am getting no where with these blood tests for recurrent miscarriages, heartbreaking and delaying moving forward with other tests.

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Throwncrumbs · 17/09/2023 01:03

There are different types of blood tests for clotting, they take blood for Antiphosphilid testing, then blood for d-diner for clotting , there’s others too, all different coloured tubes. If she said she didn’t do that blood test often and then looked up which tube to use it’s prob ok.

Bighugs88 · 17/09/2023 01:17

Thanks for your reply, she only took 1 sample of blood collection with a yellow cap on top. I will wait until Tuesday if the results are not showing, I will need to contact either the blood centre or the consultant. She said results should be available in 7 days, it's been around 10 days, no results are showing. A similar test was carried out last year and the results were not found as the sample was not processed by the lab.

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Bighugs88 · 17/09/2023 10:06

Anyone went through this issue?

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Aly170922darc · 06/11/2023 21:37

Hi. I've read your post. Your story is a lot like mine..I've recently had this blood test after having 8 misscarriages and being sent for the same bloods and testings. I got my result from my lupus blood test as possitive but they asked for repeat bloods in December. I've just booked it. When I went in September it was a yellow tube I'm sure. The phlebotomist also didn't know her self what bottle and also said the same thing she wasn't sure. My fertility nurse ordered lots of blood tests and she ended up taking 16 tubes of blood from me in 1 sitting at the same time as the lupus screening. I'm now actually worried from what you said about proteins whether it was the right tube myself? I'm now cautious to find out at my December bloods if they do that. I'm hoping not to have a 2nd possitive result as the fertility nurse said they needed 2 testa 3 months apart the same to be diagnosed with Lupus anticoagulant I think they call it LSA? I've had 8 misscarriages.
1 live birth last September 2022. But before her, I had 5 misscarriages and ectopics. Since giving birth to her last year, I've had 3 more. Another ectopic resulting in right tubal removal having emergency lap to remove it. I'm back at the fertility clinic as it took us 2 years for my daughter. I had everything from surgery, to tube flush, bloods, pessaries progesterone. Supplements all back then. The only thing convinced me I was able to carry her was, tubal flushing (I had it 3 months before conceiving her) and progesterone pessaries from 4/5, weeks.
Every pregnancy since, I only reach 5/6, weeks but was told not to start pessaries without a early pregnancy scan of location. Because if its in the wrong place itl grow. All my last pregnancies I've been tempted to take pessaries again but didn't. But I swear by these 2 things that's the only reason I was able to keep a pregnancy. I'm now awaiting another Tubal flush next week for my last remaining tube. I have pessaries on hand... my nurse said, they can't advise to take them as soon as a pregnancy test occurs because they would be out of a job for giving me information to proceed to donthat possible damage to my final tube but the other half of me thinks if I don't I won't reach past 5 or 6 weeks. On the other hand I am now wondering what if I do really have this lupus anticoagulant? The blood clotting disorder that affects misscarriages- do you get offerer blood thinenrs by injection or whatever BEFORE a pregnancy or do you just chance once pregnant, being able to get you'd of medication in time before a misscarriage.
I'm eager to know what you have found or done since your bloods. Do you need 3 month repeat? To have a definitive answer?

Bighugs88 · 10/11/2023 19:13

So sorry for your 8 miscarriages, I can't imagine the pain and emotional trauma you have been through.
I have been trying actively, but haven't had a BFP since last year April 2022.
My daughter who is now 6 years old was conceived after nearly 14 months, but I clearly remember the last test I had was the HSG of the tubes in May 2016 and then in June 2016 I was pregnant.
There can be so many possibilities for infertility and miscarriages, it's just the standard tests to exclude possible causes. Gp and gynaecologist are not really keen to let me try anything such as progesterone or aspirin as they prefer to wait for all tests.

I have my appointment tomorrow 11/11/2023 in the morning to discuss my results of the ultrasound scan and blood clotting. I will update this thread tomorrow, hopefully my results will have come through let's see.
I have been going through a lot of stress and sometimes I just think I can't do this anymore TTC and then waiting to see if I have AF this month or not. My education in secondary was always about how to avoid to get pregnant, I never knew that couples can struggle to get pregnant.
Sometimes I say I will wait till next year June 2024 (will be 36 yrs old) and will stop actively TTC as me and husband are really struggling with other issues such as finding rental accommodation as most landlords have an agent and the requirements for screening are really specific e.g. gurantor, high income, savings etc.
So there is a lot going on at the moment.
Wishing you all the best x
Take care

OP posts:
Cariadxx · 10/11/2023 19:23

It should be 1 blue, 1 yellow and possibly 1 purple depending on which tests

Aly170922darc · 10/11/2023 19:40

Aww sorry to hear about the life struggles at the moment, added stress on top is not ideal or the way. I remember I had my tubes flush and then it was 4 or 5 months later I conceived. Back then I had a thyroid issue at the same time and was put on medication at the time off the flushing and ttc. We got our girl. With tube flush, mess for thyroid and progesterone. We have been trying for a year now, we've had 4 pregnancies and mc and ectopics already this side of trying. Apparently now my thyroid is in remission and it's not funny anymore. I'm no longer on medication. I am convinced having thyroid bloods and having the Dr's say your normal now and thyroid is fine however I have been told I have graves disease, possitive antibodies in your blood. Ofcourse that never leaves your body. Your never rid of graves. But they have told me I am all clear. And in eurothoid now. I'm not convinced. Befire diagnosed I had 3 misscarriages when i wasn't on medication. I then went on meds to stabilise and I got my daughter after taking the mess for 4 months and ttc with everything else. I'm off meds, and I've had 4 more mc. I'm convinced it's my thyroid again although blood results show normal thyroid levels. Hope tomorrow goes well for you please let me know. I have my tube flushing this Monday coming. And repeat bloods for lupus anticoagulant next month (3 months apart) I am hoping for results in December

Bighugs88 · 10/11/2023 19:47

Thanks for your message, the phlebotomist took 1 sample only 🤔 I have my appointment tomorrow which is a follow up let's see what the gynaecologist says.

OP posts:
Bighugs88 · 10/11/2023 19:58


You have been and are going through a lot. It seems that you are able to get pregnant, but the pregnancy is not progressing. I remember when were trying for a second child both times when I had BFP I thought that's it I am pregnant 🙂 it never crossed my mind that miscarriages will happen. The miscarriages were early, but the bleeding was around 10 days long my hcg levels never increased above 660 and began to fall. I was so upset, as I was already thinking about my future babies and how happy my daughter would be she lives children.
At that point we were in a better place in terms or accommodation. I am living in a flat purchased by my mother and sister from the council, but they are planning to sell this in the coming months next year so we have just started looking around for prices we can afford the basic accommodation 1 bedroom flat but the agents are very picky. We live in london, we both work in london and so we can only buy a house outside of london around kent as there is no way we can afford a mortage in london.

Hopefully you will have your results in December. Good luck with the tube flushing test.

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lookingforaholiday · 11/11/2023 05:12

Hi, so sorry for your losses. I also had multiple losses before finding out the problem. I had a number of tests at a fertility clinic and all came back fine. I then went to see a miscarriage specialist in Epsom - Dr Shehata at the CRP clinic - he took 17 vials of blood to test for a while host of things and turns out I had an over active immune system (Natural Killer Cells) and needed immunosuppressants to keep a pregnancy. We had a successful pregnancy in conjunction with IVF the first time on his protocol. I can't recommend him enough. I'm mentioning because not all clinics tests for this and my IVF consultant went along with the protocol but wasn't really onboard with it. Just wanted to mention because if a contact hadn't mentioned to me I may have never found him/the clinic. All the best x

Aly170922darc · 11/11/2023 08:17

Hello, wow. This is great. Can I ask are you on long term meds for this or just when you want to conceive? How did you get the message from your gp or from the Dr? How did you get referred to him? I'm currently and have had these Bloods at Royal surrey under fertility but I'd like a second opinion. Is he a private clinic? Thanks so much

Aly170922darc · 11/11/2023 08:21

It's worth noteing I also had over active immune system graves disease, possitive antibodies before my last pregnancy with the thyroid clinic I was put on medication, since then they have taken me off as I am normal thyroid function now. I've had 3 misscarriages since. I'm interested to find out if I would need the same as you, active immune system (Natural Killer Cells)? As I was told graves disease and over active thyroid isnfor life but now apparently I am in remission nd normal and I'm a little confused by it? The thyroid clinic want to discharge me because I am having fertility testing they said its under their care now for testing thyroid bloods every 3 months, but my last 2 gave bren normal so I'm claßed as discharged. I'm not hopeful, as I've been told it's for life you just have a set off like the pregnancy hormone that setsbit wild again and makes you over active.

lookingforaholiday · 11/11/2023 20:18

I found out about the clinic a friend of a friend who went through a similar experience. It is a private clinic so you can just contact for an appointment - the online form or email is easiest rather than telephone.

I did the protocol alongside IVF. I was on hydroxychloroquine for approx 6 weeks before transfer to 16 weeks and prednisolone for 5 days before transfer until 16 weeks (or it may have been 20 weeks I can check if you like) so it's not long term medication and I'm not on any meds otherwise. I'm not sure how the timing works when doing the protocol when conceiving naturally. He would ask to see all of your previous test results in advance and would conduct any tests he felt necessary.

It was a real turning point for us, I was ready to give up hope! There is also a thred on here called Pred Thread #31 made up of others that are on prednisolone and many are under the care of Dr Shehata. I found it very helpful! X

lookingforaholiday · 11/11/2023 20:20
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