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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

For anyone who has been through it, incase it brings you any comfort

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laterlossmum · 15/09/2023 21:38

I wrote this and it's deeply personal and I haven't known where to share it. I thought perhaps it may bring comfort to another.

In the quiet shadows, where words dare not tread,
A mother's heart mourns for the dreams left unsaid.
A silent miscarriage, a tear in life's song,
Yet the baby's DNA forever belongs.
Though no laughter echoed, nor cries in the night,
A bond unspoken, in the softest of light.
Fetal DNA, a memory enshrined,
In the depths of her being, a love undefined.
Invisible threads, weaving through her core,
A child now departed, but loved even more.
In the depths of her sorrow, a flicker remains,
A love that persists through life's joys and pains.
Through the silent ache, in her quiet despair,
Fetal DNA whispers, a presence so rare.
A reminder that though the baby had to depart,
In her very cells, they'll forever be a part

OP posts:
Jeffreybubblesbombom · 15/09/2023 21:42

I had a miscarriage and an ectopic.
But l think to myself if l hadn't l wouldn't have had my daughter. Whom l love and adore and cherish with all my heart.. she's 30 now and came to me for a reason... the most kind caring loving daughter anyone could wish for..and blessed me with a Grandson.

LM88 · 15/09/2023 22:20

@laterlossmum this is beautiful, really hits home.
thank you for sharing x

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