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Rachy51 · 14/09/2023 18:59

Advice please!!!

I unfortunately had a missed miscarriage at 8+4.

My first scan the CRL was measuring 10.1mm with all yolk sac etc seen. I was given the usual options and sent home to think.

Within a day I had heavy bleeding and intense cramps. Lost a few large clots size of my palm over about 6 hours. I didn't really look into them as it's not really my thing. Bleeding gradually settled.

I went to the EPAU 5 days after and bleeding almost stopped. I had a scan to look at things. They said that pregnancy was still there but as per scan report CRL 3.2mm with no mention of yolk sac.

I have since had some oral misoprostol to help things pass but this has not yet helped. I know have to wait a week now before they can do anything else.

Is it normal for the scan to same effectively that the CRL has become smaller?

I suppose I am just keen to get this over with. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Thanks x

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