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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Tommys miscarriage support tool

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worldwidetravel2017 · 13/09/2023 12:05

Sadly had a very recent early miscarriage

Did tommys miscarriage support tool today / calculation

Just wanhed to share that i rate it - recommend it & found it helpful

If any of you have had 1 miscarriage & havent tried progesterone yet & want to - you can use that from Tommys baby charity as evidence to your gp

Its new news / new research / new rule changes that now say / recommend that after a / one miscarriage - progesterone can help

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Bali200 · 13/09/2023 18:37

I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for the recommendation, it’s made me feel better about my chances next time 🤍

worldwidetravel2017 · 13/09/2023 19:46

Thank you & glad its helped you feel better re next time

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