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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Anyone else experience very painful second period after miscarriage?

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Silverfoxlady · 10/09/2023 23:20

I am on my second period after miscarriage, and I am experiencing a really painful period. Nothing I have felt before, apart from the miscarriage.

I have a retroverted uterus, and so I have a little pain when I need to poo or pass gas when I am on my period, but never this bad. It was unbearable yesterday, and I was curled up in a ball for an hour in really bad pain, it felt like my uterus and bottom were both having sharp pains.

I was just wandering if I should be calling the EPU and asking about this?

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KatieJ345 · 10/09/2023 23:56

So sorry for your loss. My second period after was definitely heavier and more painful than usual but not as bad as the pain you are describing. I would give them a call for peace of mind.

moosey89 · 16/09/2023 22:38

Just finished my second period and it was heavy and super crampy but nowhere near as bad as what you're experiencing. Before my recent miscarriage my periods weren't like that at all. If you're worried call your doctor x

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