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Molar Pregnancy

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LStar1 · 09/09/2023 18:22

Hi Everyone

hoping to start a chat about Molar pregnancy to see if anyone else having a similar experience and help speak through the process.

I had my 12 week scan on the 3rd August 23 and was sent straight to the hospital who confirmed suspected partial molar pregnancy.
I had a d&c 4 days later.

I had my first blood and urine test on 5th September and thought I came on my period on the 6th however it was really heavy and clotty and lasted only 3 days so not sure if period or something else? I had my first lot of results back from Charing Cross on the 8th bloods ~7 and urine ~15 and confirmed partial molar.

did any one else have those kind of results back at first and did they go down again or up?

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Burningthroughthesky · 09/09/2023 20:57

Hi, I also had my 12 week scan last month and was told it looked like a partial molar pregnancy, which has now been confirmed. Had d&c 3 weeks ago.

I haven't had my period come back yet, but apparently your periods tend to start again once your HCG is below 100, so it could well have been a period.

How are you feeling?

LStar1 · 10/09/2023 11:00

Hi @Burningthroughthesky

sorry to hear your going through this too. How are you?

im hoping it is and that the clotting is getting rid of anything else that was left.

i had never heard of molar pregnancy and there’s just so much to take in and so much waiting.. results, getting body back to normal.

have you been referred to a specialist yet x

OP posts:
Burningthroughthesky · 10/09/2023 22:38

It's a really shit club to be in isn't it. Hopefully the clots were your body doing it's thing and like you said getting rid of anything else that was left, fingers crossed you have a negative result next time you do a sample.

I don't even really know how I feel to be honest. People who know what has happened keep asking how I'm feeling, and I just say I'm okay or tired, but I don’t know how to explain how I'm actually feeling. This was my first pregnancy and I had a couple of private scans and had seen the heartbeat already, so the 12 week scan was a big shock. I think I'm still a bit in shock, just feel all over the place. I (stupidly maybe) went to a friend's baby shower today, so really felt all over the place today.

I had heard of molar pregnancy before, but only the worse case scenario of needing chemotherapy and then not being able to try again for a while. So when I heard the word "molar" at my scan, I just thought of chemotherapy and was terrified. The staff were nice but couldn't really explain anything. I now know that the chance of that happening with a partial molar is really really small (1%), but it's lingering in the back of my mind still. I'm in my mid 30s so the main thing that scares me is the thought I won't be able TTC for a while.

I've been referred to Sheffield hospital for monitoring, haven't heard from them yet. It's just hard not knowing how long monitoring will go on for, just wish time could speed up so it could "all be over" sooner.

Hope you are okay.

LStar1 · 11/09/2023 18:26


i completely understand it’s my first pregnancy and I’m also in my mid 30’s.

its like you plan your life for the next 9 months and then start preparing for all your life changes for it to be over in seconds of a scan. Then all this information and waiting, my partner keeps talking about trying again but there’s so much waiting it’s hard to know when you can!

the shower must of been really hard, I imagine just thinking this should of been me soon and thinking of what could of been.

you should definitely call the hospital and keep chasing x

OP posts:
thedevilsavocado · 11/09/2023 18:37

Hello both. I just saw your posts and wanted to reply with a little reassurance, hopefully. I had a partial molar pregnancy at age 36 and went on to have a healthy baby who is now a healthy teenager. I remember having some very heavy bleeding whilst everything settled back down. My HCG was slow to go down and in the end they decided (at Charing Cross) that my 'normal' levels were slightly higher than typical so nothing to worry about. I remember well how horrible it all was, especially as no-one I knew had experienced it. I joined a baby loss support group and that really helped. Be kind to yourselves, take one day at a time and I wish you both all the very best.

ChillysWaterBottle · 11/09/2023 18:47

Hello I also had a partial molar a couple of years ago. The fetus had a heartbeat and everything. It was a really sad time. I'm really sorry but I can't advise on the specifics of the numbers etc in the follow up as I honestly don't remember the details, it's all kind of faded. I remember it took about 6 months of fortnightly blood tests before Charing X signed me off to try again. I got pregnant very quickly after that and it was successful and I now have a lovely two year old. There are rarely any long term implications of having a partial molar so although it is a miserable experience it will pass and the likelihood is you'll go on to have a healthy pregnancy next time, it's just frustrating having to delay. Wishing you the best OP, life is not easy sometimes. The other thing I'll say is that I felt extremely ill with my partial molar so look after yourself in this heat x

Burningthroughthesky · 13/09/2023 00:05

@LStar1 yes it's very strange to go from being pregnant to not being pregnant, and then getting your head around the fact that you can't try again for however long. My partner also keeps talking about trying again. I do want to try again, but I just want to still be pregnant tbh. I'm gutted about having a miscarriage in the first place. It's just such a mind fuck to think we're hoping for a negative pregnancy test so we can start trying again.

@thedevilsavocado thank you for sharing your story, it's so reassuring to hear from people who have been through this and come out the other side. One day at a time is good advice. How did you find your next pregnancy?

@ChillysWaterBottle thanks for sharing, I know it will pass, hopefully in a few months, but it's hard when you can't see the finish line. I think my emotions are still a bit all over the place (thanks hormones!).

thedevilsavocado · 13/09/2023 07:08

@Burningthroughthesky I had some bleeding in the early weeks of my pregnancy with DS, which was hard to deal with. I had really good support from the Early Pregnancy Unit at my hospital, though. The rest of my pregnancy went smoothly although I don't think I fully believed it would all be ok until he was born. I do remember his early weeks being some of the happiest of my life though, so it was all worth it. Pregnancy loss is so hard to deal with, it was years ago for me now but I still remember the difficult days. Take good care.

hdbs17 · 13/09/2023 07:38

I had a complete molar last year.

Had "coffee grounds" type bleeding at 7 weeks, phoned the midwives who said it was likely implantation and to test in a week but my gut said no. I booked a private scan who confirmed there was no yolk sac but there was some debris, called midwives back and they booked me in EPAU, scanned and told no sign of molar but to have another scan in 2 weeks. Next scan they confirmed molar and didn't really explain to me what it was but just mentioned chemo from the get go so that wasn't the best start.

Had D&C 2 days later.

My post surgery bleeding lasted about a week, blood tests were coming down and I think it took 8 weeks for my bloods to come into normal range and to be urine only tested. Was told that periods only return when HCG under 100.

Had last urine test in Feb this year and result had gone up to 24 but as Charing Cross said it was still below 25 they could sign me off but to have a scan, I did believe I was pregnant anyway but because of HCG, you can never really trust a pregnancy test after molar. Went for a scan and what was believed to be 8 weeks to find out I was 6 weeks pregnant and confirmed viable.
I'm now 35 weeks.

Burningthroughthesky · 12/11/2023 20:21

Just checking back in, can't believe it's been two months.

How are you getting on @LStar1?

My HCG is really low now, but not quite low enough to be discharged from monitoring just yet.

Burningthroughthesky · 12/11/2023 20:25

@hdbs17 Congrats, hope everything went well 😊

LStar1 · 26/11/2023 08:32

Hi @Burningthroughthesky

thank you for your message hope you are well, how have things been hoping you get discharged soon.

I got the all clear from Charing Cross at the start of October they discharged me when urine level was 4.

3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant again, it’s really a bag of mixed emotions! I went for a 6 week scan and every looked to be ok but the magic of the excitement from the previous pregnancy isn’t here this time, just pure worry and feel like just waiting to be told bad news.

I have had a lot of nausea this time which I didn’t have before but that stopped 2 days ago all I have now is daily nosebleeds I have an 8 week scan scheduled next week just a different feeling this time x

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