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Incompetent Cervix

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ecb1005 · 02/09/2023 06:01

We just lost our baby boy at 21w4d due to my cervix opening. A lot of the forums scare me about this happening again unless you do TAC. The NHS is recommending monitoring and progesterone if I can get pregnant again. Does anyone have any advice?

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roseopose · 02/09/2023 07:01

I think the likelihood of it happening again depends on any reason why your cervix opened prematurely. I had a short cervix due to uterine abnormalities and was offered the TAC or further monitoring and progesterone at around 18 weeks when my cervix measured 25mm. I chose the latter and got to 34 weeks before going into labour spontaneously.
They told me that because it was my first pregnancy they couldn't advise really either way what would be best to do because they didn't have prior knowledge of what the outcome might be if things were left.
I think for you, having had a previous loss, they should be looking at your cervix from early on, and then advising you depending on how it's looking. If you are going to have the TAC it is better to have earlier on in pregnancy when the risks to the baby are lower (if I remember correctly!).
I'm really sorry for your loss and hope you conceive again and have a better outcome Flowers

ItstimeToMoveagain · 02/09/2023 07:29

I have an incompetent cervix, I lost a little boy at 20 weeks. They did attempt a rescue stitch but it failed. It did mean I was eligible for a preventative stitch next time I was pregnant though which I had at 14 weeks along with progesterone.

Sorry for your loss 💐

Bimply · 02/09/2023 07:59

I had a TAC at the Liverpool women's hospital, after my second daughter was born very prematurely at 25 weeks due to IC. I had it while not pregnant, so no risk to the baby! It's a relatively major operation, and all future children will need to be born by C-section, but I felt I couldn't deal psychologically with another risky pregnancy after what we'd gone through with my daughter.

I did have to fight to get the op - first consultant said no to the referral but did agree to refer to a second specialist, who then agreed to send me to Liverpool, who were brilliant. This was 15 years ago though so I don't know the current situation. Good luck! My next baby was born completely healthy by c section at 38 weeks.

LM88 · 02/09/2023 15:07

so sorry for your loss ❤️💐

I lost my little girl in April at 19 weeks, it was discussed at the time that it was likely an incompetent cervix due to a traumatic labour with my previous pregnancy and even briefly discussed a TAC for future pregnancies with the consultant.

Have you had your debrief? Did you send your placenta away for testing? I only ask because the placenta results actually revealed it wasnt my cervix at all and something else (even though my cervix did open and I miscarried it was due to other things)

If i did fall pregnant again they would still
monitor my cervix anyway it depends on your person, personally for my own reasons if that was the reason for my loss I would be getting the OK for the stitch, there would be no way id be waiting and monitoring it. If thats what you want you will get it, I have had a conversation with two consultants who didnt give the impression they would be against it - get multiple opinions if thats what you want. Msg me if you have any more questions - good luck x

ecb1005 · 20/09/2023 12:46

Thank you all so much for the advice. Really helpful and sorry for those who have also gone through it.

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