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Positive test 5/6 weeks after miscarriage

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Beebee12333 · 15/08/2023 11:15

It is exactly 6 weeks since taking tablets after a missed miscarriage. It is exactly 5 weeks today after undergoing a d&c.
I tested this morning because I am desperate to be pregnant again and to my surprise (and now terror) it is positive.
I don’t want to get my hopes up but what are the chances this is a new pregnancy? Or is it more likely this is from my miscarriage?
I am driving myself utterly insane. I am due to go on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks so I cannot get blood tests until my return.
Is there hope for me that I am pregnant again? Or should I accept that this is left over hormones from the past 2 months of hell? :(

Positive test 5/6 weeks after miscarriage
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Whataretheodds · 15/08/2023 11:21

It's really hard to say - did you take a pregnancy test 2_3 weeks after the D&C? If so what did it say?

Have you had unprotected sex since your D&C?

Have you had any bleeding that could have been a period?

Beebee12333 · 15/08/2023 14:38

I tested 2 weeks after on a cheap test and it was negative.
I have not had a period, I had brown bleeding for 2-3 days (very light, like spotting) up until yesterday.
We have been having unprotected sex since 2 weeks after the d&c. I know probably would have been best to wait until after a period but here we are!

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Needtobuildabridge · 15/08/2023 14:40

My bfp came 4 weeks after my miscarriage. Currently 33 weeks. It is definitely possible to get pregnant soon after - congratulations!

Whataretheodds · 15/08/2023 16:48

If you were negative after D&C and positive now I'd say that's a new positive.

Good luck!

Summer2424 · 15/08/2023 16:59

Hi @Beebee12333
I got pregnant 6 weeks after my miscarriage and had my DD in 2022.
I think yours is definitely a BFP❤xx

Beebee12333 · 15/08/2023 17:51

Thank you all for your responses and for sharing your experiences ❤️
I really truly hope your right.
I called the doctor and he seems to be airing more on the side of it being left over hormones and told me to test again in a week.
Minutes feel like hours and hours like days!
please keep 🤞🏼 for me. I will update in a week!!xx

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Hollycharlie · 27/08/2023 15:48

@Beebee12333 how was you holiday? Did you get good news ? 🙏🙏

Beebee12333 · 12/09/2023 23:46

thank you for your message! Holiday was lovely thank you, very much needed! I was still testing positive but the test did not move up in weeks.
Unfortunately not the good news I had hoped for. After still no period and extreme stomach pain I persuaded the hospital to do another scan. Where of course they found RPOC that hadn’t gone from the tablets or the D&C.
fortunately they agreed to do a hysteroscopy instead of another d&c which I have had done today. After a truly horrendous 15 weeks it’s safe to say I’m mentally exhausted.
Positive news however is they found no scarring or anything else unpleasant so are confident I will be able to try again. Now for 2 more weeks of no baths, tampons or sex! Very frustrating when all you want to do is try again.
One day ❤️

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Hollycharlie · 13/09/2023 08:03

@Beebee12333 hey, I’m sorry it wasn’t good news. But glad you had a great holiday and it’s now been dealt with. The waiting must’ve been awful. I hope you feel better soon and get back to normal life and trying again. We’ve started trying again but no period and no BFP or lh positives it feels like no end in sight. Let’s keep updated . Big hugs xx ❤️❤️

Beebee12333 · 14/09/2023 19:47

One day at a time! It’s so all consuming it’s hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But our time will come! My fingers are crossed for you, do keep in touch 😘xx

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