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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

m/c one year today

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griffintribe · 16/02/2008 14:08

A year ago this weekend i had my first m/c at 15 weeks.

We felt that the baby was a little girl and named her eve.

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with a little girl who we are going to call Sophia Eve.

I just wanted to say to Eve that i love and miss you and that you will never be forgotten, my precious little angel. I am sorry i never got the chance to meet you

OP posts:
Lulumama · 16/02/2008 14:11

I am sorry that you lost Eve, your precious daughter. It is lovely to remember her in the baby you are carrying. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy and the birth x

Kimi · 16/02/2008 14:13


oinker · 16/02/2008 16:46


I wish you all the best..
you have chosen such beautiful names for your babies............

Thinking of you..........

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