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Trying after MMC and B12 deficiency?

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38andtrying · 24/01/2023 17:00

Hi All,

I am 38 years old, no children and first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage confirmed in December 2022, should have been 8 weeks and measured 6 weeks 1 day, i had ERPC on 6th Dec, CD1 on 9th Jan 2023 and currently CD 16 and trying, wish me luck :)

After MMC i rang doctor to have bloods checked as a precaution, they did a full blood count, thyroid check and sugars. My bloods came back low in B12 and folate, strange as I eat very well and I have been taking folic acid for months.

Doc asked me to go back for another test, had that today and I am waiting on results.

I suppose this thread is really a question of has anyone else been told they have a B12 deficiency? i have read online it is linked with recurrent miscarriage, do you think this could have caused the miscarriage?

has anyone went on and had a successful pregnancy? how was it treated, is there anything you would advise?

Thanks everyone and wishing you all well

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Bethbb123 · 13/11/2023 22:49

Hi OP,
I know you posted this a while back now, just wondered if you got your results back and how you are getting on?
i have had two misscariages this year, last one being in June. I am currently waiting on blood tests to come back to see if they can find any answers. But I have been getting shortness of breath, achey arms and legs, lower back ache, extreme tiredness, dry skin, struggling to concentrate, headaches, poor memory and have been told by a friend it sounds like I have a b12 deficiency. Did you have similar symptoms? Hope all is going okay for you x

38andtrying · 14/11/2023 01:18

Hi, sorry to hear about your miscarriages, I am currently 40+1 weeks pregnant and just waiting now for baby to appear.

I got a second blood test and b12 seems to be not too low, I did take extra b12 all through pregnancy just to be on the safe side however.

I didn't have any symptoms that I can think of however your symptoms do sound like b12 deficiency, I hope test results come back OK and have you have your rainbow baby soon x

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