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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

In memory of our lost little one.

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Nanoon · 31/01/2008 19:23

I just feel the need to post a message in memory of our little one that we found out we had lost on this day last year. I was 12 wks and discovered at a scan that sadly the baby had died. We never got to see their face or hold them in our arms but they will be forever in our hearts. I love you.

We have been blessed with a second DS who was born in early December so for all of you who are going through sad and painful times at the moment, good things can and do happen but you will never ever forget the little one you have lost.

OP posts:
fairylights · 31/01/2008 19:25

Nanoon - so sorry for your loss and sadness, so glad for you that you have a beautiful ds now xxx

FoghornLeghorn · 31/01/2008 19:27

Lovely of you to post this Nanoon

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