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Did I miscarry? I can't let go

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mamalcj · 25/11/2022 23:48

Hi all, this happened a while ago, but I just can't let go and I can't find any answers online.

Almost two years ago, during sex, I started bleeding pretty intensely after feeling a couple of very deep cramps in my lower back. I could literally feel it squirting out, twice. My partner moved and there was a big puddle (about the size of an A4 sheet of paper) of fresh blood on the bed, and as I got up, more trailed out of me. I briskly moved the short distance from our bed to the ensuite shower, where fresh, bright red blood was rushing down my thighs. This went on for about 10 minutes, the bleeding gradually slowing down. I then sat down on plastic bags for 2 hours as it continued like a heavy period (which I usually didn't have anyway). I didn't notice any clots or anything, unless they came out in the shower (though it felt very heavy then so possibly?). I thought I was hemorrhaging and we almost called an ambulance.
My periods were irregular at the time. I could go up to 6 months+ with no period, so to be honest I don't know when my last period was before this, but I did stop taking my contraceptive pill about 8 weeks prior.
I can't remember having a period after that intense morning. I was exhausted after losing so much blood, but physically recovered pretty quickly. Admittedly, I was too scared to go to the doctor at the time.

Did I miscarry? It's been pressing on my mind ever since, and I cannot find any similar experience online anywhere (or I just don't know how to word it?!)

I have since had a beautiful little girl after falling pregnant a few months later. But my mind still lingers on December 2020 and what actually happened that day.

OP posts:
Watapalava · 25/11/2022 23:50

It’s impossible to tell

I’ve had two miscarriages and didn’t bleed with either

with second loss I was given pessaries to bring on miscarriage as foetus had died and even then I had cramps with minimal bleeding

it’s often unrelated

startfresh · 26/11/2022 00:00

Sounds like something that happened to me (although mine wasn't as quick to happen!)

It happened deferral times, though, so I knew it wasn't a MC. It was hormonal/cervical and really really painful. Never got a proper explanation about it.

Michellebops · 26/11/2022 00:01

Honestly? I don't think so.

I've miscarried a few times and whilst there has been a lot of blood there has always been clots and lots of them.

I'm normally a 2 day light period so I definitely know the difference for me.

If it had been a while since your period it could have been a build up or perhaps your partner irritated something inside during penetration.


startfresh · 26/11/2022 00:01

Absolutely nothing like when I MC'd, though.

Hope this eases your worries.

Nat6999 · 26/11/2022 00:02

I had something similar & was told it was a miscarriage, I had started what I thought was my period in the morning, a few days late but nothing out of the ordinary. At lunchtime I started with the worst cramps I have ever known, I could feel my tampax getting lower & lower, went to the toilet, pulled on the string & it was like pulling an old fashioned toilet chain, gushes & gushes of blood. I sat there for maybe 15 minutes & then stuffing my knickers with about half a toilet roll waddled to the machine & got a pad to use as well as a super plus tampon, after cleaning myself up I went back to my desk but within 20 minutes I could feel my tampon escaping again. I decided that I would be better off at home & drove home sat on a carrier bag. The bleeding & cramps continued until midnight & then suddenly stopped. I went to the doctors the day after where a blood test showed HCG, I had been pregnant. It had been a chemical pregnancy.

Heidimaz · 26/11/2022 16:17

Hey, could Really Use some Help I've been dizzy & Lightheaded for 4 days now I Collapsed last night in my sons room Woke up this morning & felt the need to push. I don't know if I've miscarriage or Pushed a clot out. I'm resting up in bed at the moment speaking to other people would Ease my mind Thank you

Did I miscarry? I can't let go
Heidimaz · 26/11/2022 16:18

This is the other picture which I had to push out

Did I miscarry? I can't let go
meatballsoup · 26/11/2022 16:39

@Heidimaz - you'd be better off starting your own thread. Probably be a good idea to put a warning in the title if you are posting pictures.

heartbroken22 · 26/11/2022 22:33

@Heidimaz I can't be 100% sure but it looks like you've miscarried. I'd go to a and e since you collapsed to be on the safe side. I'm so sorry been there x

Gabbbbsssss · 11/11/2023 05:16

Did I have a miscarriage? I'm 3 days late and have had crazy cramps and back pain along with brown discharge.

Did I miscarry? I can't let go
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