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Recurrent miscarriage

Furbabymum15 · 26/07/2022 07:44

Hey lovelies,
I'm not sure why I'm writing this but I feel at a total loss and thought hearing of other people's stories and experiences may help.
I'm 44 have had 3 miscarriages and currently going through my 4th.
1st 2 miscarriages were mmc picked up at 12 wk scans heartbeats stopped at 9+3 and 10+3 then the 3rd and 4th didn't develop past 6 wks.
After my 3rd I got referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic they found a small fibroid inside my womb but said its not big enough the cause problems. As soon as I got my positive test this time at 14dpo they put me on 150mg of aspirin per day and twice weekly injections of the Hcg hormone.
The pregnancy still failed.
I'm at at total loss and don't have any children.
Has anyone experienced similar and gone on to have a successful pregnancy.

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