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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

trying again...

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lou2311 · 18/01/2008 12:28

How long did it take for people to get pregnant again? It has been 6 months since my miscarriage, and my cycle is still very hit and miss. Just wondered, but i know there is no simple answer...

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cmotdibbler · 18/01/2008 12:30

After mc#1 - 6 months, mc#2 - 2 months, mc#3 - 3 weeks.

libEL · 18/01/2008 12:34

I had a miscarriage in dec 2000 and didnt fall again until aug 2002. I became a bit obsessed with trying to become pregnant but it just wasnt happening despite huge amount of visit to the doctor for reassurance that there was nothing wrong (I suffered a severe infection after mc, which lead to severe anaemia resulting in huge blood transfusion 6wks later, so I was convinced I could never have children because of it) We decided to stop trying, went away for a few weeks, ate huge amounts of food, drunk a bit too much some nights and had a wonderfully relaxing fortnight. I came home and found out I was pregnant!

lou2311 · 18/01/2008 12:37

well, we are going away tomorrow for a few days so just going to enjoy it and try not to think about getting preg! ;)

OP posts:
libEL · 18/01/2008 12:44

have a great time, and good luck

Pod1 · 18/01/2008 12:47

I think it has a lot to do with your emotional state as well as your cycle. It took us five months after losing our baby but I don't think I was 'ready' until then. Bought a Prepare to Conceive CD from natal hypnotherapy website. Not everybody's cup of tea but it helped me to feel more positive. Hope all goes well for you. Have a lovely hol.

OracleInaCoracle · 18/01/2008 21:28

hi lou, my tuppence worth is that while my mc's havent had an obvious effect on my cycle on closer investigation(temping, opk's, blood tests) my ovulation has been irregular since my 3rd mc, and my periods have been heavier since my ep. it takes a lot out of your body and you need time to heal. having said that, it may be worth visiting your gp for reassurance HTH x

spugs · 20/01/2008 16:51

i fell after my first af, period was on time and one thing i did notice was that my body seemed to be making it much more obvious that i was ovulating then normal. cramping and spotting when i oved and feeling sick.

enjoy your holidays and good luck x

Oblomov · 20/01/2008 17:09

I used to be regular as clockwork - 27-28 days. I miscarried autumn last year and am all over the place, 26 days, now 25.
2 of my friends fell the next month. I suppose some will say immediately and others may still be trying.

Kezza7779 · 22/01/2008 17:45

m.c 2006, ttc until Nov 11th 2007!!!! However, i was totally convinced i had endometriosis and couldnt conceive without help. GP referred me to fertility consultant, appt given for jan 08, finally gave up in november - THE MONTH WE CONCEIVED!!!! Consultant explained that sometimes our anxiety prevents us from releasing an egg, as soon as people give up there body relaxes and pops eggs out left right and center. the only thing to do is give up!!!!!

Good luck x x x x

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