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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

3rd miscarriage - advice wanted

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spark1 · 17/01/2008 12:36

Hi, I have recently suffered my 3rd miscarriage. I had the first 2 yrs ago and then went on to have my ds. Since his birth I have had another 2 miscarriages. All 3 have been at 5 1/2 weeks. We have seen a consultant and routine test have shown nothing is wrong its just "one of those things". There was some suggestion that maybe i can only carry boys. Is there any truth in that, anyone know of this

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Springflower · 17/01/2008 13:05

Hi, Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I've wondered the same about me as I have 3 boys and have had 4 miscarriages. The first time I was positive it was a girl but who knows if it really was or not ..... Others say its just so common that chance can account for it. I do know someone who was one of 6 or 7 daughters and who's mum had miscarried boys.

Pod1 · 17/01/2008 13:13

So sorry for your loss. I have often wondered about this, but in my family it's been with girls. My mum lost a baby in between me and my sister. I lost a baby before I had my daughter. My sister has lost two babies. She's due this week so we'll see if there's a pattern. Hope you're looking after yourself.

goingfor3 · 17/01/2008 13:16

I'm really sorry to hear about your loses. I have two girls and both my miscarriages were boys. I'm pregnant with a girl and have got a few days further than I did when I mc'd my first boy and 5 weeks further than I did with my last boy.

spark1 · 17/01/2008 13:17

I have also been advised that because we try to concieve just before ovulation and on the day of it that this is more likely to result in a girl???
Im getting so confused about when to try and wen not to.

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Dropdeadfred · 17/01/2008 13:23

I have 3 dd's and I have had 6 mcs (4 befire dd3 and 2 after). All at approx 7/8 weeks. All tests on me and dp show no problems...

NatalieJane · 17/01/2008 13:38

We also have this theory running through our family.

I am one of five girls, three of us have had any kids so far, one sister miscarried then had a healthy boy then miscarried again. Another sister has 3 perfect little boys but has had 4 miscarriages in between them all, one of the miscarriages was definatly a girl. And I have had two healthy boys and just miscarried for the first time last week. So that is 6 boys so far vs 7 MCs

Sisters say we all carry too many girly hormones, which fight off a baby girl.

spark1 · 17/01/2008 15:48

Have many of you has mutliple miscarriages between successful pregnancys. I am worried that because 2 of the miscarriages were after my son something may have happened during his labour to stop me carrying again.
Sorry to go on but it is such a relief to find people who have been in the same boat.

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NatalieJane · 17/01/2008 15:50

My sister had one boy, then 1 miscarriage, another boy, 3 miscarriages, and then her last boy.

Dropdeadfred · 17/01/2008 15:56

I had dd1 and dd2 then 4mcs then dd3 then 2 mcs

Pod1 · 17/01/2008 16:02

My sister hadn't had a baby before her two miscarriages so not related to a previous labour. I can understand why you're worried. I think we look too hard for reasons sometimes, when maybe there aren't any.

Springflower · 17/01/2008 16:19

Hi again, I had 2 mc then 3 successful pregancies and then another 2 mc. Have given up now so will never know if another one would have been successful or not.

Uki · 18/01/2008 12:33

Hi spark

Sorry for your losses
You can't help but wonder what it all means, I'm a bit the same, 2 ds and 3 mm/c's before and between ds's.
This question and pattern of mc's of the opposite sex often comes up on this board, it's very interesting, as there seems to have been no studies or research on this that i can find anywhere. But lots of people think that you can only carry one sex. I'm thinking about trying for another but i'm so scared because of this.

I'm going to ask my very knowledgeable Obstetrician about this next week as i want to discuss all this before trying again, i'll let you know.

BTW things can change after babies, so if you haven't been tested get blood tested for clotting related syndromes, or get tested again. I was on asprin for second pg because i became borderline thrombophilic after ds1.

5.5 weeks sounds like it could be related to attachment to placenta problems, or even empty sacs, or i guess chromosonal or hormonal problems. I guess I'm no expert, it can be a very grey area though, so very hard to know.

spark1 · 18/01/2008 13:28

Thanks so much. I would be really intrested to know what your obstetrician says. Good luck with trying again.

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