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Medical management - is this normal?

Yellowdott · 13/03/2022 13:28

I had misoprostol inserted on Tuesday evening, started bleeding 2 hours later - for a few days it felt like the miscarriage was happening as it should and was like a bad period, except for having bad nausea and very little appetite since.

Yesterday the blood developed a weird strong odor - not like rotting but unpleasant. Sort of very salty. EPU told me not to worry about it since I don't have a fever.

In the middle of the night I suddenly had a gush of blood come out, then felt like I needed to push and like something was stuck in my vagina. After a while of very intense pain a large piece of something resembling a steak came out (Sorry TMI). It had a greyish/dark blob attached which I imagine may have been the sac (or it was rotting?!) and that was the source of the bad smell.

Period-like pains and contractions have stopped now and bleeding is very light, but I feel awful. My abdomen is very sore and I feel a heaviness there. It hurts to walk and I feel so exhausted I can't do anything but stay in bed.

Should I contact my GP tomorrow or is this normal?

Thank you all.

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EarringsandLipstick · 13/03/2022 13:35

I'm very sorry for your loss 💐

It sounds normal to me (have had MC).

I think see how you feel, check if you feel unwell, feverish or have a temp. If so, call GP, otherwise probably not necessary.

Take care of yourself, that blood loss will take its toll physically, and of course the loss emotionally. Eat little amounts, drink plenty & rest.

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