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Tummy issues after d&c/erpc/surgical management. Normal?

mzlk · 09/03/2022 17:07


I had surgical management almost 3 weeks ago for a MMC
A week after that I was passing clots and contracting but it all eased off and I had a scan to check that everything was gone and only a little bit of blood was left to come out.
For a week now, at 11 days post surgery, I started to experience loose stools. At first it was just once a day and sometimes twice. But today I’ve been 3 times - I don’t feel like I need to run to the toilet but I do feel a slight urge to go!

My question is - is it normal to experience diarrhea after the surgery?
I have health anxiety, so I keep thinking it’s a completely unrelated issue and I’ve got some kind of serious bowel issue.

I normally don’t get loose stools, unless I’m super nervous or before my period

Would really appreciate some replies if you’ve experienced this!!

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