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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Threatened miscarriage at 12 weeks on New Years Eve, waiting for outcome...

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LoveoverGold · 01/01/2008 20:01

Sat here in bed thinking of all the things I should be doing on NY whilst waiting for a scan tomorrow to tell me if my bleeding and clots are due to a real or threatened miscarriage. Trying to explain to 3yo why we are going to hospital - thinks she will finally get to see the baby. Had missed miscarriage previously at similar time - only discovered at 12 wk scan Jan20th, funny but did same thing for Christmas that year and was nervous of doing same thing this year - too superstitious! Been searching the internet and finding out what I can about threatened miscarriage, but what I read doesn't look good for me as I have had clots and very bad cramps/period pains. Keep hoping that if I stay in bed it might help. I guess I'm feeling quite philosophical but at the same time it's not a great way to start the year. Anyone out there have similar experience or advice?

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whomovedmychocolate · 01/01/2008 20:04

I miscarried much earlier so can't help much sorry but it's entirely normal to be bewildered and hopeful as well as pessimistic. Even if everything turns out to be okay you still go through the shock and grief of what ifs.

I hope tomorrow brings you some good news.

LoveoverGold · 01/01/2008 20:09

Thanks, I'll post what happens tomorrow.

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Lcy · 01/01/2008 20:16

Sorry to hear this LoveoverGold. I hope you are ok x

yogabird · 01/01/2008 20:19

will be thinking of you and hoping

Uki · 02/01/2008 10:39

so sorry to read this, Fingers crossed that you and baby are well.

Thinking of you

LoveoverGold · 02/01/2008 22:21

Unfortunately the worst happened and I miscarried today at hospital. It would seem the baby had stopped developing really early on, so there was obviously a problem. The hospital were really great and have let us bring the baby home to arrange a little funeral, it will hopefully help it seem more real, especially to DD 3yo. I didn't know we could do this but apparently the funeral homes do it for free or a very small charge if it is only 12 wks or so. I'm feeling rather numb at the moment and can't decide if I'm in denial or just at peace with the whole thing. It's a sad, weird start to the year.
Thankyou to all who wrote in to support me - I was really surprised that I got a response so quickly on NY day, it made me feel that I wasn't on my own.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 02/01/2008 22:22

I'm sorry for your loss, Loveover.

Jackstini · 03/01/2008 10:04

So sorry to hear that LOG. Do come on here any time you are needing support - the numbness may turn to full on grief or anger at any time. Glad you were able to bring home your little one and hope you are able to arrange a funeral soon

Biglips · 03/01/2008 17:14

im soo sorry to hear

yogabird · 03/01/2008 20:48

so sorry, i know how hard it is stay strong, thinking of you

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