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Travelling after Termination for Medical Reasons

Jess1336 · 04/01/2022 12:47

Hi I'm hoping someone can help me with my query.

I recently had to have a termination for medical reasons at 14 weeks, at my 12 week scan I found out my twins were conjoined sharing multiple organs and would have no chance of survival.

I was scheduled in for a D&C (early november) which was scary and traumatic. To cheer myself and my partner up we booked a holiday for 2 months time as I'd been told I should recover within 2 weeks. With the operation being November we booked mid January for our holiday. However I was back in hospital 3 weeks later with retained products of conception and needed to take some tablets to help pass the tissue and blood clots (again traumatic!). Following on from this I had severe bleeding and on the 20th December found out I still had retained products of conception and was rushed in for emergency surgery and needed a blood transfusion (again....very traumatic!!) Since then I had an ultrasound on 31st December which suggested my uterus is clear now and I am on the way to healing physically at least.

Now it is less than a week till our holiday and I still don't feel like I'm physically or emotionally ready to go to another country and scared that some complications could still arise even though I've had the all clear from the ultrasound.

The holiday company are willing to let me postpone the holiday (at a cost of 150pp!) However I think this is the right thing to do.

My question I need to let the travel insurance company know about my operations/complications if I've had the all clear from my gp with the results from the ultrasound? I am concerned they may add additional premiums. I don't know if this is something I need to declare especially if my new holiday date is now not till March.

Hopefully someone can help me. I think I need this holiday to reset and heal emotionally.

Thank you 😊

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heywhatswrongwitu · 15/01/2022 21:29

Hi I've just found this - sorry have no advice re travel but I'm sorry for your loss, we had a TFMR in November too and I totally understand that you don't feel emotionally or mentally ready.

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