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Ovulation after miscarriage before 1st period

Lozzieb2896 · 29/10/2021 21:39

So I have a mmc at 7weeks and 1 day and had a MVA on 13/10 to get it removed which was heartbreaking when I found out as this was my first baby.

I bled for 10 day after and it stopped on 22/10. The day I stopped bleeding I took a test and it was negative and I’ve been taking pregnacare since the 19/10 as had a follow up for MVA to make sure the little bit of tissue that was left had passed.

We are trying for another baby and have been having sex at least once a day, everyday so far.
I know that there is a possibility of ovulating before period comes.

Does ovulation come 2 weeks after the bleeding stops or 2 weeks from when the bleeding started?

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