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Waiting for period to return / long cycle

MamTee10 · 19/10/2021 15:26

Hi all,
I had a late loss on the 10th September, lost our baby at 15 weeks. It's been a rough few weeks for us, as my little boy was also poorly about 10 days after the loss, and was in hospital for a week. It's been a rough month or so for us.

As I now approach the 6 week mark since our loss, I am eagerly awaiting my period. My cycles prior to pregnancy have always been long - I only had one period in between my two pregnancies but this was also a long cycle.

I wondered if anybody has any experience of long cycles and miscarriage, did you find your cycles remained long? Did they change at all? Did it take longer than 6 weeks for anybodies AF to return?

I know it may be longer than 6 weeks for it to come back, I know I'm going to loose my mind waiting for it! It's not necessarily to do we can TTC straight away, I'm unsure if I'm ready for that or when I will be, but I suppose having my AF return; helps to feel something is normal and I'm not completely broken!

Thanks - also be nice to have some others to reach out too over this time.
Take care everyone xxx

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