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Missed miscarriage- MVA and natural

careynurse · 22/07/2021 16:58

Hi all!

Devastatingly went for a private reassurance scan last Thursday before we told family the good news, and they said there was no heartbeat. 💔
Scan at EPAU the day after to confirm, and was told we have to have another scan this Friday to then be able to have the MVA Monday coming. Feels like it's being dragged out!

Started bleeding Sunday on and off and yesterday had bad period pains which left until this afternoon and came back with a vengeance. Haven't noticed anything pass apart from clots and bleeding. Guess the scan tomorrow will let me know if it's happened naturally?

Question- if I get as far as the MVA would you recommend GA or Local Anaesthetic?

Also how did you know if you've finished naturally passing everything? How long were the bad contractions for?

Another question- did you all wait for your first periods or did you start trying straight away? 🌈
To add we have a little boy already who we're blessed to have, and has helped us through all of this! Not sure how you all cope with it when you're trying!
Sending baby dust to you all xx

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