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Am I miscarrying?

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HilaryG2 · 04/11/2007 20:26

Hi All,

I am hoping for some advice. I had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks three months ago. After one cycle, we tried again and I became pregnant straight away. I am now five weeks, but today have had a dull ache on the left side on my stomach. I have not experienced any morning sickness or other pregnancy symptoms. Is there any hope or am I starting to miscarry again? I am keeping my fingers crossed, but am very worried.

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 04/11/2007 20:29

are you bleeding?

it is quite common to have aches and pains in early pregnancy, i know i ached on one side so much with this one day that i was in tears. i am now 20 weeks and all is well. could be baby nuzzling in.

PeachyCosmicExplosion · 04/11/2007 20:29

A dulla che could be a sign that things are very normal and there si stretching going on- unless you have sevewre pain / cramping / bleeding i wouldn't worry. Call your EPU tomorrow- they may well be happy to give you a scan with your history to reassure you

chankins · 04/11/2007 20:32

Hi there, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, and to hear you are worried about this pregnancy too. All I can offer you is my own experience, which may or may not have any bearing for you. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and got pg straight after, and kept telling my sis that I didn't hold much hope for it due to side abdominal pains, which to me meant I was probably going to lose it. But she told me its just the ligaments and muscles stretching and was normal - and t all turned out fine. With my next 2 pregnancies I also experienced these types of pain, and did not miscarry. I really really hope this is the same for you, and do not want to give you any false hope, but I am really hoping you will be fine. Make sure you call your midwife if you are worried. Good luck. Oh, also, I never had any pg sypmtoms or sickness til at least week 8,

cazzybabs · 04/11/2007 20:34

Having had 2 mcs - I worried with every ache and pain and am now 36 weeks! If you are there is nothing you can do to prevent it. So try not to worry. But my god those 1st 12 weeks are hard - I hated going to the loo incase.

lilolilmanchester · 04/11/2007 20:37

I've experience miscarriage too and know how sensitive you will be to anything that strays from the norm. Too many possible interpretations of what you describe, nothing to say it's definitely bad news, but you're obviously worried so go get yourself checked out ASAP. Fingers crossed that all's ok.

fawkeoff · 04/11/2007 20:40

i have suffered 3 missed miscarriages and totally understand the worry your feeling at the moment, but it may justt be the stretching of the uterus as lil bean is growing. if you are worried then ring the epau tomorrow morning and asked to be checked out x x x

HilaryG2 · 04/11/2007 20:50

Thank you all very much, it is great to hear such encouraging news. No I am not bleeding yet, and the pain is not severe or cramp-like, it is just constant and uncomfortable.

My first Doctor's appointment is next week (I had the option of seeing an alternative doctor sooner, but really prefer to see a familiar face, so I have decided to wait). Hopefully I will know one way or the other by then. Do any of you know when is the earliest they can perform a scan or check for a heart beat?

My last miscarriage was basically a blighted ovum, but my body hung on to it for the whole 11 weeks, so I just didn't realise things weren't going to plan.

OP posts:
lilolilmanchester · 04/11/2007 20:59

My youngest is 10, so technology has moved on and no idea what earliest scan date is these days. I'm sorry that none of us can tell you definitively that all's ok, but nor does it sound 100% bad. Stay positive and optimistic til you've seen the Dr.

lilolilmanchester · 04/11/2007 20:59

My youngest is 10, so technology has moved on and no idea what earliest scan date is these days. I'm sorry that none of us can tell you definitively that all's ok, but nor does it sound 100% bad. Stay positive and optimistic til you've seen the Dr.

HilaryG2 · 05/11/2007 07:16

A rather sleepless night, but still no bleeding, which is good. Fingers crossed all will be OK. Thank you.

OP posts:
lomond · 05/11/2007 07:26

Thinking of you, hope everything is ok.

If I had any worries at all I went to my local early pregnancy unit. Do you have one of them near you? Perhaps calling them for a chat would be of comfort to you. They may even ask you to come up for a scan.

It may be too soon to detect a heartbeat but they could tell you if everything looks ok. Make sure you explain how worried you are after last time.

Try not to worry as stress is not good for you or the baby.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

PeachyCosmicExplosion · 05/11/2007 09:35

A few people on my antenatal thread had internal scans at 6 weeks to check all was OK, some private so you wouldn't necessarily have to go via GP. It may be possible to do one at 5 weeks, worth asking.

beeper · 05/11/2007 23:20

every time I get pains in the left side, well frankly its a poo...I thought I had another ectopic with this one the pains in the left side where so bad...the pain stopped after the scan and then I had a massive poo.

emtbabe27 · 24/02/2008 04:22

hey ppl?? i got a ?... i found out i waz pergo with my 2nd kid on v-day and waz alittle scared but happy and last night i started bledding a little then all day today i have been in pain then tonight i have a big blood clot come out??do ya'll think im haveing a miscarriage? and should i go to the hospilte every one keeps telling me two?? help me what should i do?[hmm}]

foofi · 24/02/2008 07:10

Emtbabe - sorry no one's replied to you yet. I'm not good at this myself. However, my sister did have one bleed during her first pregnancy and everything turned out OK. The best thing to do is lie down and rest - don't think you need to rush to the hospital, but ring the doctor perhaps? Good luck.

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