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Ovulating (or not) after miscarriage

Merrygirl848 · 07/02/2021 15:53

Hello all
I had a miscarriage just over 2 months ago. My period showed up exactly 28 days later. Then another 28 days after that. Both times I had EWCM.
It is now 13 days after this 2nd period, and I am (sorry TMI) very dry down there. I have never experienced this before. My libido has always been high and I have had zero problem getting lubricated.
Intimacy is now uncomfortable, and my libido seems low. Before this period I was having pretty bad migraines and feeling faint, even thought I was pregnant because of it.
I’ve had some low belly cramping after this period, kind of a burning feeling and also some sharp ones. Not too painful but seems odd.
I’m very worried about having fertility issues now that I’ve miscarried.
Has anyone experienced this or have knowledge about what could be going on? Thanks so much for reading, I’m so worried!! Sad

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