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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Please could someone tell me if I have actually miscarried ?

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Oblomov · 31/10/2007 13:17

I have posted on the thread called " Due June 2008".
But I felt I needed advice , so thought I would post in the miscarriage section aswell. Hope that is o.k.
Any advice would be very welcome :
Here is my earlier post :

Hi everyone. Thread moves so fast.
Am hoping that some of the lovely ladies who are here can offer me some advise and support - or maybe I need to post on a miscarriage thread.

I posted last week, on tue 23rd, having found out that I was pregnant on the monday night.
I am a diabetic on a pump. My blood sugars went beserk (as they did in 1st pregnancy) and I was told to come to Kings college hospital on thursday. Dh came home from work and ds , he & I went up, taking over 2 hrs to get there, and I was admitted.
I was put on a sliding scale insulin drip, plugged into the wall and was only allowed to get up to go to the toilet for 2 days - no wash. Had my blood tested every hour on the hour. It was horrific. After 2 days and nights, I was put on testing every two hours.
Dh and ds came to visit on sat, but then were unable to come again. I was in for 5 nights in all. After 3 days, on monday, I went for a scan.
I thought that I was 6 wks 3 days based on my period being 15/9/07. But she found a sack, but no sac within. And no hearbeat or embryo. The sac was not perfectly round. She estimated that I was 4-5 weeks. Said to come back in 2 weeks, to scan again. Said it was possible, that sac had stopped growing at 4-5 weeks, thus I had miscarried. Or that the pregnancy was just earlier/ conceived later than I thought. She said she would scan agin in 2 weeks and there was nothing more they could do, other than to see if I started bleeding in the meantime.
But they won't commit to anything.
And I feel as if I am not pregnant now. Had minor , minor pains , in my tummy, not real cramps as such for the last 2 days.
Then the lovely midwife did a test and said I still had very faint.....hormone, which you only get if..... there is .... like an embryo / hearbeat - someone please tell me what this name is horma-toxin- pppppp - something.
Anyway, my diabetic control improved a bit. And they allowed me home last night.
I have come to work today for a 1/2 day. my dh and my mum said I should rest, but I didn't want to. Am I being silly ?
I have sobbed and sobbed since monday.
I don't know if I am pregnant or not.
No bleeding as yet.
I did a pregnancy test as soon as I got home last night. I couldn't help myself. It was positive.
Please someone help me. What does this all mean?

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TotalChaos · 31/10/2007 13:23

Sorry you have had such a rotten time. I had a similar experience - an inconclusive early scan, and just sent away for ten days to wait and see (and all was fine eventually) It's a horrible limbo period, I do sympathise, and unfortunately only the next scan will give you a definite yes/no answer about whether the pg is OK.

Oblomov · 31/10/2007 13:31

Thank you totalchaos. I assumed that there would be someone lovely just like you, to whom this had happened. Presumably it does happen, that people are left in limbo, not knowing if they are pregnant / if they have miscarrried.
Should I be resting - total rest ?

OP posts:
marthaboo · 31/10/2007 13:32

I don't know - but I couldn't read and not post - you poor, poor thing. Is there no way they can give you a scan sooner? I know, if you are very early on in your pregnancy, they sometimes can't see a heartbeat (but that doesn't mean there isn't one there, iyswim) and I also know (from my own experience, sadly) that a pregnancy test will still be positive after a miscarriage.

I don't know anything about what the midwife said - re the hormone and heatbeat etc - I've never heard of that.

I do know that limbo state though - I was almost certain I'd miscarried (bleeding, cramps etc) but there was still a little bit of me hoping against hope. You haven't had the obvious signs of a miscarriage so you really are in limbo.

I wish I could say something more positive - can you ring the maternity department and say how very upset you are - even if there is no point in having another scan so soon after the last one perhaps someone could explain things a bit more fully to you.

My heart goes out to you - what an awful situation to be in.

TotalChaos · 31/10/2007 13:32

No,resting isn't necessary at all. I was quite hacked off I wasn't told to stay off work(!). GP told me just to avoid strenuous activity, like going to the gym but normal day to day activites and work was fine.

flowerybeanbag · 31/10/2007 13:35

Oblomov so sorry you are having such a rough time. I don't have any useful advice but wanted to post, thinking of you and everything crossed.

Oblomov · 31/10/2007 13:53

Thank you guys.
Marthamoo, they said that there was no point coming back next tuesday, becasue it would still be too early to see, at 5-6 weeks, if their calculations are correct. So they made me an appointment for 13/11/07, = 2 weeks, assuming that I will then be 4-5 weeks + 2 weeks = 6-7 weesk - thus they should be able to see a hearbeat if there is one.
Totalchaos, atleast I can't be blamed for being at work then.
Hello again flowery - thank you for your kind words of support.
If I am not pregnant, will the sac, come out, as bleeding, at some point ?

OP posts:
TotalChaos · 31/10/2007 19:34

Oblomov - if you are in any doubt at all as to rest etc, then you could always call up the ward you were on, place you were scanned etc (just saying that really in case your diabetes would make any difference to the advice given).

in terms of bleeding - yes, it is like that if you had miscarried that you would start bleeding at some point soon. very occasionally you might have to have D & C or medication if you didn't start bleeding eventually.

MomOnTheRun · 02/11/2007 01:10

You sound very stressed. Big ((HUGS))Judging with what you've written you are still pg. Bleeding is always a sign of a threatened mc. But so far you havn't had any so that's a good sign. Tummy cramps may be due to the uterus stretching. Since we have such ancient medical equipment in the UK, it's quite common not seeing bean till 7 weeks. So please relax ( I know it's easier said than done ) and wait for your second scan. I hope that all is ok.

IsThereAnybodyOutThere · 02/11/2007 01:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Oblomov · 02/11/2007 11:17

I went to see my GP today. My blood sugars are still berserk. I feel so ill. I asked him If I could be scanned. I want to ensure that I have miscarried. He said that there was nothing he could do and even if they scanned me today, they would still insist on scanning me next week, and my Kings appointment for a scan is a week tuesday, on the 13/11. So I have to just pretend I am pregnant for the next week and a half. Still no bleeding. Great. I am distraught. This is too terrible for words. As if it wasn't bad enough to be left in limbo like this, I can't believe they would do this to a diabetic.

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