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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Period whilst waiting for hysteroscopy for retained tissue! HELP!

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MandsH · 31/01/2021 14:39

Really hoping that someone has been in a similar situation to me or can at least give me their opinion on what you would do.

A bit of back story. Had MVA for missed miscarriage 6+3 weeks ago. I was still getting positive tests after 4 weeks so they had me back in for blood tests and scan. HCG was 15 and scan identified “very small retained tissue and a thicker womb then they’d like”. I was sent away for 2 weeks in the hope my period might come and sort things out. 2 weeks later (which was 2 days ago) I went back in and HCG is down to 4 but my scan was still showing the retained tissue and thicker womb which the dr felt needed investigation and removal of products so an urgent referral for hysteroscopy was put in which they said should be 1-2 weeks. In the mean time I’ve come on my period yesterday out of nowhere! Period feels typical to me usual aches and bleeding (not too much or too little). So what do I do from here!? I rang the hospital today and the nurse was very unhelpful and said I can still go ahead with the hysteroscopy whilst on a period but obviously I dont want to have the procedure un-necessarily! I’ve been through enough 😢. But I also don’t want to cancel it if I still need it and prolong things further.

Advice please xx

OP posts:
Emmerina · 27/05/2021 06:04

Sorry to hear about your never ending miscarriage! I have just had a hysteroscopy for retained products and wondered if you had the procedure in the end? I wondered if you were given any advice about when is safe to Ttc again? Feel like my womb might be a bit sensitive at the moment (or maybe just I am!) But also been bloomin ages now since found out we lost the baby and feel keen to try again.
I think we must be a very unlucky minority as can't seem to find many people on here who have had similar experience
Thanks so much

Xchristinex · 13/11/2021 10:13

What was your outcome on this please? I’m in the same situation but they haven’t booked me in for anything, they have said my hcg level at 4 is nothing to worry about it should pass, this has been going on since end of September 2021, I’m just currently on my period cycle and am in complete agony. Thank you
Christine xx

Ajane23 · 03/11/2023 09:04

Hi I'm in the same boat and really need to talk to someone it's been months since my miscarriage each procedure hasn't removed it all and now I'm waiting for months for a hysteroscopy please can someone tell to me and help as my anxiety is awful. Did the hysterectomy work was it painful etc

Ajane23 · 03/11/2023 09:05

Hi please would you be happy to talk to me about this. I'm in the same boat and am on waiting list for hysteroscopy it's been going on for months and desperately need to talk to someone who has been through similar thank you xx

MandsH · 03/11/2023 12:32

Hi hun @Ajane23 So sorry you are going through this. So yes I went ahead with the hysteroscopy and it identified some retained tissue. I then had to wait another week or so to get booked in for a d&c whilst put to sleep. That time they went im with a camera, like they should have from the start to make sure they got it all. That was the end of it all for me, was 3 months from start to finish and was a terrible time. Afterwards my periods returned to normal pretty quickly. Are there any specific questions you want to ask hun? I’ll be completely honest with you the hysteroscopy hurt, that may not be the case for you but I would definitely discuss with your gp if they can prescribe some strong painkillers to take before because they don’t give painrelief during the procedure which I just found crazy.

OP posts:
MandsH · 03/11/2023 21:02

@Ajane23 hope you’re doing okay hun

OP posts:
Ajane23 · 07/11/2023 18:04

Thank you so much for your reply I didn't get a notification so didn't realise you had replied.
This hell has been going on for months. They are going to do a hysteroscopy with a camera to remove retained product. I will be awake but my consultant said he will numb my cervix... Did they numb yours? I'm petrified I won't be able to tolerate the pain because I so badly need to be brave and get it done I can't drag it on any longer. Thank you 😊

Oxalis00 · 09/11/2023 20:43

Would you prefer GA @Ajane23? my hysteroscopy for RP was with GA. I’m sure you could ask if you’re concerned. It’s not in their interests to have to abandon and reschedule if a patient can’t tolerate the procedure. That said I’ve no idea how painful/upsetting it would be as I was very much asleep! I didn’t have any pain at all (or painkillers) after if that helps. Sending strength - I’ve been there with the 3-month long MC and it’s horrible.

Hipww · 29/12/2023 11:13

Hiya me yours went on for a while did you end up passing it in a period?xx

Hipww · 29/12/2023 11:19

Hi @Ajane23 what was ur outcome ?
Hiya @Xchristinex did OI end up passing out n ur period? Sx

Xchristinex · 29/12/2023 11:52

I suffer with endometriosis, all my pregnancies have been terrible, this situation they just sent me away said it would pass and i was in shower losing blood clots but the pregnancy still didn’t pass, in hospital I got kept in still kept losing just blood clots, I had to get put asleep and get surgically removed, it was long and horrible time xx

Hipww · 29/12/2023 12:39

@Xchristinex oh you needed help passing the actual pregnancy ? I had a 3cm ish rpoc or blood clot that was vascular left in had 2 bleeds and lost some clots only 1 big one of that size and now I’m fine
do they know what the clots was if it wasn’t rpoc

Hipww · 29/12/2023 12:41

@Xchristinex how big was the rpoc left? My hcg was negative too while it was still there very confusing and bless I have pcos I feel for you having endo how comes it didn’t come out on its own

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