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ERPC month after Failed Medical Management (Misoprostol)

littleangle46 · 06/08/2020 13:49

-I lost the baby at 6w4 d. Had the Medical miscarriage at 11 th week.
2 weeks after medical management they find out that there are retained vascular tissues..
-Yesterday I had the d and c, in Italy they call it curetage, doctor told he collected everything with vacuum and did a slightly worked with the curete... They related me without any single antibiotic. This morning my endometrium after the operation was 2 mm.

  • After the d and c I do not bleed at all! no single blood maybe few spots last night...
    -I still feel the pulling sensation behind my belly button since I felt pregnant that sensation is there...
    -My fever is 37.8 this is very high for me, even within my luteal phase my fever never hits above 37 ...
    -Also my lower abdomen is enormously swollen since the operation as if I am 5 months pregnant..
    -My first pregnancy , first miscarriage, first d and c...
    are my experiences normal?
    -Should I go to the emergency?
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TheBuffster · 07/08/2020 04:56

I have no experience of this but I would urge you to get seen by a medical professional as you know what's normal for your body.

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