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TTC/miscarriages/friends pregnacy - support and chat please

Skybooks · 09/07/2020 22:42

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TTC/miscarriages/friends pregnacy - support and chat please2
07/07/2020 11:36Skybooks

Hi, sorry for the garbled title just looking to vent as I cant talk to people irl.

I have DS4 and have been TTC#2 on and off for 2 years, 1 MMC @12 weeks and and early miscarriage 6 weeks ago.

We had decided to stop trying, although I have not yet decided on or returned to contraception.

A close friend has announced her pregnancy today with pretty identical due date to my last miscarriage, I'm distraught this baby is going to be a constant reminder of what we dont have.

I'm thrilled for her as she has been trying for over a year but just the dates seem so cruel.

No real advise needed I guess just somewhere to get things down.

Thanks for reading.

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Northernsoul90 · 10/07/2020 22:17

Hello, I am really sorry for your losses and that you are feeling low at the minute about ttc and everything that comes with it. I had a recent mmc at 8 weeks and talking to other women on here has really helped me so I understand your need to just want to vent and get your thoughts out. Something that seems to be a really common feeling amongst women who have suffered mc is that horrible tinge of sadness and realisation of how unfair everything is when we are surrounded by people who are pregnant. I am the same and then I feel guilty - it's not that I'm not happy for my loved ones it just feels very raw. I know that won't necessarily make you feel any better but it gives me comfort to know that lots of other women feel the same way and it's completely understandable.

If you do decide that you want to continue ttc I am on a really friendly thread on here with lots of other ladies ttc after mc, everyone just shares their feelings and advice/experiences really. I can link the thread if you would like me to. Whether you do continue trying or not I think this is a good place to speak to others in similar situations. Here if you need to chat and wishing you well for whatever you decide to do xxx

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