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Are these usual feelings after surgical procedure?

Watford81 · 12/06/2020 09:48

My first post here, sorry for it being such a sad subject.
I had a MMC confirmed on Tuesday this week and surgery carried out on Wednesday to remove everything under general anaesthetic.
I felt ok yesterday most of the day but then had a funny turn at about 4ish in the afternoon so took myself off to bed to rest. Then had lots of acute pain (think much of it was constipation and trapped wind) and some bleeding started. I slept well last night thankfully and woke up with some light bleeding and the pains had gone. I’ve managed to go to the toilet thankfully, but I’ve been feeling light headed and quite dizzy on and off all morning. Is this all within the realms of normal reactions to anaesthetic and this surgery in your experience?? I rang the hospital to confirm my covid test result - negative and find out if they’d given me antibiotics while I was under - they’re looking into it as my notes didn’t say. Thanks for any advice / experiences you can share. X

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