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Medical management - miscarriage - 11 weeks

LetMeIn321 · 22/03/2020 00:19

A few days ago I went for a scan (almost 11 weeks) and was told my baby's heart had stopped beating. I'd been a couple of weeks prior and everything was fine. I only had this 11 week scan because I'd had some brown discharge and was worried.
Because the baby hasn't passed naturally I have to have medical management at the hospital. I believe some women have a tablet inserted vaginally then can go home. However, I have been told I'll need to stay in as it will be painful and possibly 'traumatic' due to tissue of the baby being passed etc. I've miscarried before but never had this as it happened naturally at home and there was no need to go to hospital. Can anyone please share their experiences? I know it's such a sensitive topic and I don't want to cause any upset. I'm just very worried of what it will be like and feel quite nervous. Thank you in advance.

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