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Normal for highs and lows?

nicola18737 · 03/09/2019 22:09

My miscarriage finally passed yesterday after a week of waiting for it after been told the heart had stopped. I was 7 weeks.

I keep thinking I am fine. Yesterday I was ecstatic to be told at the scan that it had all gone. Then today I feel flat and empty. I started crying when I was driving to meet a new customer, just out of the blue. I didn't know I was so sad.

I thought I was ok. I did all my crying, I thought, when they told me I was miscarrying, and then when they told me there was no heartbeat. Since then I have been pragmatic, just wanting it over so I could move on.

Now I just feel so sad and empty. I also feel guilty for feeling this way as other people have lost much much later than me, plus I already have a little boy. I feel like I am grieving but I don't feel like I should be, as I was only 7 weeks along. I really feel like I have lost a baby, though my husband keeps reminding me it wasn't a baby yet. I feel like it was, it was my baby that I was growing.

I don't know what I am asking really, just if anyone else has felt similar.

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KellyHall · 03/09/2019 22:17

I feel for you.

It will be due mostly to hormones that your body releases when it realises it's no longer pregnant. It's not you being unable to cope or overly emotional.

It's not up to anyone to tell you what you have lost, it's a deeply personal thing for a woman, I know from personal experience.

If you've been feeling pragmatic, that's how you'll be again when your hormones level out. Remember to allow yourself to cry too though, it's all part of the process.

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