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C section scar pregnancy / miscarriage

piazilla · 18/08/2019 22:14

Hopefully someone here can shed some light on what happens in these situations ...
July 29 I went for a private scan to see how I was doing . I should have been at least 7 weeks along ( although I do have pcos and long cycles , I reckoned 7 weeks was the earliest I could be ). The sac measured 6 weeks and there was no heartbeat. It was decided to wait , just in case my dates were wrong , and to scan again in 2 weeks .
4th August , I went to EPAU with cramping . I had been spotting for 2 days but it suddenly became very painful. When I got there , I had what seemed like a huge loss in the toilet - with a big gush of blood . I continued to pass clots throughout the night . I was admitted and scanned in the morning , where they found that the pregnancy sac was still there and very close to my c section scar. It seems that the embryo had implanted In that area. The pregnancy would have had to be terminated most likely . But there was still
No heartbeat .
All my cramping stopped and I had something similar to a period with the occasional clot . No pain.
I returned to scan a week later and the sac was still there . Doctors are refusing to let me travel home ( I live abroad - an 8 hour flight away ) and are insisting I miscarry naturally. By now ( nearly 3 weeks later) my bleeding has completely stopped . They are telling me I need to wait and that medication or d&c will result in too much bleeding .
I am due to scan again on Monday , but my body is acting like everything has finished . I just want to go home . I am living out of my suitcase with my young son in my parents house . I’ve been told I am not allowed to be on my own in case I hemmorage. The whole family is on tenterhooks and my mother has missed my nephews baptism because she felt she couldn’t travel to it and leave me alone for the day. My husband is back at home and my son and I are stuck here in this hellish limbo with no apparent option of medical intervention . He has school coming up and i am a teacher and need to get back to work in the end of August .
Has anyone ever been in a similar situation where your miscarriage started and then stopped? Did it start up again?
Or has anyone had a c section scar pregnancy or been told your scar makes it too risky to medically intervene in miscarrying ?
I am losing my mind here and just need this to be all over .
Thanks for reading

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