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Seeing heart beat and then miscarriage - advice please

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Springflower · 01/08/2007 23:03

Hi, I have had 2 mc where everything has looked fine with heart beat at 7 weeks and then I have gone on to miscarry. All the stats seem to say there is only a 3 - 5% chance of this. I did see something on mumsnet (but cant remember what) that said it was something about the mother / baby interaction rather than the baby just not developing properly. I'm pregnant again and wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about so that I can make sure theres nothing more I should be doing. Thanks

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berolina · 01/08/2007 23:15

I'm very sorry for your mcs. I've had three, two of which were consecutive, but none of them had a heartbeat (one was a blighted ovum).

Antiphospholipid syndrome (an issue with blood clotting) can be responsible for repeated mcs where a heartbeat has been previously seen. This can be treated, but I'm not sure in how far if you are pg already - you need to spak to your doctor or EPU. Lesley Regan's book on mc is a useful read. Of course, you might have 'just' (ha) had very bad luck.

Remember that after 2 mcs, the odds are still definitely very much in your favour that the pg will be successful. I'm 34 weeks again now after my 2 consecutive mcs last summer. Good luck - hope it all goes well.

Springflower · 02/08/2007 00:12

Thanks Berolina, I probably should have said I have also had 3 successful pregnancies (and a further mc when it was a blighted ovum) which I guess should reassure me that my bloods ok. You've not got long to go now - hope everything goes well for you too.

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smilesattheweekend · 02/08/2007 13:40

Hi Springflower. Not sure if this helps much but I had my 3rd miscarriage just over 2 wweks ago, we went to the hospital for an emergency scan as I had had some bleeding and we saw the heartbeat (7weeks), I went home and in the afternoon lost everything, I knew it was over because I could see the clear sac. I had had previous mc's but never had the scan early enough to see the heart beating. When I went to the hospital (in the morning) and they had seen the heartbeat they asked if I would take part in a trial just for ladies who have had 2 mc, they wanted to put me on apirin and heparin which is to do with blood clotting, anyway, I went on to mc'y so never got to try this. I went back for another scan the following week to check everything had gone etc and they told me that if I got a positive preg test to ring them straight away and they would see me and see what they wanted to put me on - I think definately aspirin but not sure about heparin. As I have had 3 mc (I do have a wonderful son though inbetween but bled through the first 15 weeks with him) I have been referred to the recurrent mc clinic, they have already taken bloods to check chromosomes from me and DH, and we have to go back in sept to see the consultant - quietly hoping to be pg by then though!!



bonkerz · 02/08/2007 13:56

dont know if my story will help but i had 2 consequtive mc. One in july 2004 at 8 weeks when a HB had been detected at 6 week dating scan and another in Jan 2005 when again i had a hb detected and mc soon after. When i fell pregnant again in march 2005 my gp put me on low dose aspirin as he mentioned it could be blood too thick and causing distress to baby. Gp did blood tests but found out after there was nothing wrong with blood apparently BUT I had DD in Dec 2005. I am now TTC again and have started taking low dose of aspirin again as i cant help thinking it was too much of a coincedence i managed to carry dd.

Springflower · 02/08/2007 15:17

Thanks for those messages Smiles and Bonkerz. It does tempt me to take low dose aspirin but I do worry about taking something when I'm pregnant that isnt prescribed. Will maybe see if i can google any harm it could do if my blood is fine.

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Jossiejump · 05/08/2007 22:14

Hi I had 2 x DS, then 3 mcs in a year (one of which I saw the hb at 8 weeks, baby died about the day after, but mmc so didn't know for two more weeks) I had tests after 2 mcs(privately) the tests highlighted a possible clotting prob, which would have been with me from birth, so doesn't explain DS1 & 2, do remember reading somewhere about some probs being triggered by a previous pg. I'm currently 24 weeks pg, injecting each day with Clexane in cae of clotting probs. Hope this helps-my GP & EPU have been great, I was worried they wouldn't take me seriously as I already had 2 DSs, and felt I was being greeedy wanting more, don't know if NHS would have referred me as I already had 2 children though. A friend also had 1 child, then developed a clotting prob after and neeed clexane for number 2.

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