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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Second missed miscarriage :(

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Wavedancer · 31/07/2007 12:06

I had a missed miscarriage last year which was discovered at the 12-week scan.

After 8 months ttc, I was delighted to fall pg again and was full of renewed hope. I had an early scan at 7 weeks which showed bubs measuring a week behind, but there was a little heartbeat flickering away.

Yesterday I had a 9-week scan, to be told the baby's heartbeat stopped around 5 days ago and was measuring 7.5 weeks.

I can't believe this has happened to me twice. I am opting for an ERPC because last time I let nature take its course and it took a month of pain and distress. Now I just want it to be over.

I would love to hear some positive stories because right now I don't feel I will ever carry a baby to term. I feel broken.

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Biglips · 31/07/2007 12:09

aah no! so sorry to hear

ive got no experience in this but there are a few on here that had been thru it once, twice, etc xx

Aitch · 31/07/2007 12:09

oh sweetheart. i had two ectopic pregnancies and i know that the second one nearly killed me. i just felt like such a loser. there's not much to say, really, other than you have my tremendous sympathy. i do hope that it will be third time lucky for you, as it was for me.

Mumpbump · 31/07/2007 12:09

Hi Wavedancer and sorry to hear that you are having to go through this all over again... As you have asked for positive stories, I have had 2 m/c towards the end of last year and am now 31 weeks pg with everything looking fine. So, 2 consecutive m/c definitely does not mean that you can not carry a baby to term...

elesbells · 31/07/2007 12:15

hi wd. so sorry for your loss, you must feel awful right now however, positive story for you now.

my sister went through ivf and it worked three times but sadly she lost them all before 14 weeks. she then fell pg again naturally and she now has two beautiful dc's.

i really wish you all the best xx

PestoMonster · 31/07/2007 12:29

So sorry to hear about your loss Wavedancer. I had one missed miscarriage a year after dd1 and had the ERPC afterwards. Then I was told to allow one normal period before trying to conceive again. I did that, and then conceived again straightaway with dd2. The subsequent pregnancy went totally normally, so I'm hoping that there is nothing to stop it being the same for you.

Good luck

evenhope · 31/07/2007 12:47

Sorry to hear this wavedancer. I had a missed m/c in August 2005 at 10-11 weeks, and an ERPC. I conceived again really quickly, despite being 42, and had another missed m/c at 7 weeks in Feb/ March 2006, and another ERPC.

We couldn't decide whether to try again- we already had teenage kids and the first lost pg was a surprise- but while we were dithering nature took over and our DD was born in March 2007 almost exactly a year after the due date of the first lost one.

(Not saying I wasn't worried sick all the way through that something would go wrong)


Springflower · 31/07/2007 16:28

Sorry to hear this wavedancer. I have a positive story too - first miscarriage at 9 weeks after seeing heartbeat then after over a years TTC a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. Went on to have 3 DS's with no problems although have since had another mc. I was thinking i would never have children but it doesnt mean that there's anything wrong. Take care of yourself for now.

jellybeans · 01/08/2007 14:17

I am so very sorry for your losses. I have had 4 m/c at varying stages and I also have 4 children, so there is hope (((hugs))) x

Wavedancer · 01/08/2007 20:31

Thanks for all the positive stories, it really does help to hear those.

I had my ERPC this morning and I'm so pleased I did it as I feel I can 'move on' much more quickly, rather than waiting for what could have been several weeks.

My fantastic gynaecologist arranged for a sample of the tissue to be sent away for testing as well, since my 2 m/cs were so similar. Hopefully that will give us some clues as to why this has happened.

Thanks again for the replies and I'm sorry for all your losses as's so sad how common m/c is.

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