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3 weeks after miscarriage and still retained tissue

Gemjj14 · 19/05/2019 21:00

Hi everyone it took me over a year to get pregnant. I was 11 weeks away on hol n the bleeding started i was hopeful thw whole time but after waiting two days for a scan they couldnt see any pregnancy but said lining of my womb was thick i bled for about 10 days. The doc said ro take a pregnancy test after two weeks we had been trying few days before n i got positive preg teat i got my hopes up but now confirmed by scan was still retained tissue.
All they have said is wait another 3 weeks then come bk for another scan if havent bled or oassed anything else. They said was about 17mm left to pass..
Iv read on other posts they were given option of medication or a small op but i havent been offered any of these y? Anyway still no bleeding its killing me to keep waiting as bad as it sounds i just wanna try and get past this and try again im so desperate to get preg again!!!
Anyone been through this?

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