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Lessons After Ectopic Surgery

Blue00 · 01/04/2019 19:36

10 days ago I had laparoscopy surgery to remove my right fallopian tube after an ectopic pregnancy was discovered. It was my first pregnancy and I’m heartbroken.

I’m still very early on this journey but wanted to share my learnings and tips and tricks on what to expect after the surgery incase they might help someone else in the future and also as a bit of a cathartic exercise for me I guess!

Hopefully people will add and expand on this list:

  • If your surgeon says you are well enough to leave the same day then do, the pain and discomfort will be worse the next morning once the strong painkillers have worn off and it felt so much nicer to wake up in my own bed/house to begin the recovery process
  • Take loose clothing to put on after the surgery, I took baggy leggings and a t-shirt that I left hospital in and got straight into bed when I got home so I didn’t have to change
  • Something that surprised me was the pain I felt in my shoulders and top of my back - apparently during the surgery they inflate your stomach so this was just gas working it’s way out of the body and should subside in 48 hours
  • Don’t be worried about going to see a nurse to have them check and change your dressings even if anything seems ok. I’ve been twice since and it’s been nice to get that piece of mind that everything is healing correctly
  • If you want to see/speak to people then do, if you don’t then don’t be afraid to say no to people - do what makes you feel comfortable. People will want to come and check you are ok but for me for a week I didn’t want that as I was too emotional
  • You will bleed a few days after the surgery which is apparently the uterine lining coming out, this felt like really bad period pains and I passed some not very nice things. This will ease though and is all part of the process. Have some pads ready that you can use for when this starts as tampons are not advised due to infection.
  • I have found setting myself some short term goals have helped me so for instance this month among others I’d like to have stopped bleeding, removed all bandages from my incisions, gone for a run, got a negative pregnancy test, started tracking my temperature and cycle again, started my first period. Obviously not all in my control but just things for me to tick off as and when they happen that will help me mentally move forwards. Once all this has happened I will then allow myself to start thinking about ttc again even though right now the thought terrifies me
  • Be kind to yourself, it’s an awful thing to go through and you need to heal physically and mentally which takes time. I don’t know how long as I’m still working through it.
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Bananaloaf88 · 23/11/2019 16:01

Hi @Blue00 I know this was posted in April. I've just had surgery for an ectopic and i'm currently suffering from bad constipation followed by diarrhea (tmi) did you find this at all? Xx

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itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted · 24/11/2019 10:19

I've had two ruptured ectopic surgeries and both tubes removed. Yeah constipation really bad both times - both surgeries were on a Monday and I think it wasn't until the Thursday I could go to the loo. They often give you medication during surgery to prevent bowel movements which is what causes the constipation plus morphine messes with your stomach too. Also depending on what side your ectopic is can affect things too - the left ovary/tube is closer to the bowel apparently

I'd pick up some softening tablets from the pharmacy x

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