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Interstitial ectopic pregnancy - anyone else ttc after and stressed as hell?

DollyDaydreamz · 17/01/2019 11:46

Hi ladies,

On 9th July at 9weeks woke up to bleeding.

Cue what felt like hundreds of trips to EPAU (we are literally all on first name terms!)

I was assessed originally as possible mmc had to go back and scan where egg sack had grown cue another wait and rescan which confirmed mmc - I decided on surgical management. Came round to learn they pierced my uterus and could not remove mmc would be more tests and weeks waiting. Lots of meetings with consultants and they decided to try medical management but given their bodge job they wanted to keep me in hospital. Failed 3 attempts at medical management and decided the only option was surgical management again 😢 this time using internal and external imaging - then and only then they worked out it was ectopic and couldn’t be removed. FML!

Had to wait going for weekly bloods and then biweekly till HCG levels feel to normal -31 Oct!!! Then consultatant said no trying till new year FML! First month back at it and period just started.

Feeling rubbish as expected due date coming up (valentines day 🙄) and was really hoping someone might just give us a break and I could be prg 1st try (happened with our 1st - DD who is now three and age gap ever growing!) but no such luck.

Anyone had this weird type of ectopic (in muscle tissue of uterus) or a punctured uterus and had managed successfully conceive?

Really stressed and only back at it 1 month (1 month ttc DD, 8 month ttc second ectopic!) I can feel the ttc craziness returning already and would be helpful to know I’m not the only one who’s going a little bit nuts over something I have very little control over......

🙋🏼‍♀️ Control freak over here who’s body is seemingly being a bit of a dick

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