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Misoprostol 12 weeks

Eelie · 09/01/2019 17:44

Hi, I’ve never posted here but wondering if anyone’s been through, or is currently going through this.
I had a small bleed yesterday and was scanned at the early pregnancy unit today where they found that the pregnancy stopped developing at 7 weeks.
I would’ve been 12 weeks today.
They’ve sent me away with misoprostol as I am keen to get it all over with as soon as I can.
I’m breastfeeding my 8 month old son still so going in for a day patient appointment wouldn’t work for us...
Currently in bed having taken tablets half hour ago. Son is in living room with dad and I’m by myself trying not to freak out Sad
Has anyone been there? Is it as awful as I’m expecting? x

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Ithinkthatsenough · 10/01/2019 17:33

Hi, i had Misoprostol for my 16 week mmc. I had the oral tablet two days before ( cant remember what its called) as my body hadnt worked out the baby had died.
When i went in to hospital, i had the pessary at 11 and i’d delivered the baby by 2. The pains i had were like strong period pains,but came and went like contractions. I didnt need pain relief for them.Then i felt a something drop inside me and i bled through my trousers, ran to the toilet and delivered within half an hour of that big bleed. Placenta took longer and ws eventually removed via forceps.
The midwives seemed to think as id given birth naturally before it wouldnt take long, and it didnt, thankfully. As you arent as far along i dont think you’ll have the problems i did with the placenta x
I hope it goes quickly and as pain free as possible for you x

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