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Possible miscarriage?

Louiseamy93 · 18/12/2018 00:36

Don’t really know how to go about this. Hadn’t done any tests to confirm anything, but had many early symptoms of pregnancy. Period was over a week late.
Yesterday, intense cramping in the lower abdomen started along with pain in the lower back. Gradual and slow bleeding for the most of today but paired with intense pain and cramps, to the point of not being able to move. (tmi).... when emptying bladder, I noticed a large substance, around an inch and a half fall Into the toilet. It wasn’t like blood clots I’d had in the past with menstruation, rather it was gray tissue, with clots surrounding it. If it was a Miscarriage I would have been around 6 weeks..
After a lot of researching the signs do point to a possible miscarriage but I’m not too sure on anything at this point 😕

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