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CRGH - any thoughts?

catlike1979 · 28/09/2018 09:39

DH and I have been ttc second child since Jan of this year. We've conceived naturally twice this year (amazing as we had to have IUI for DS after unexplained infertility), but sadly I've miscarried each time, the last mc just a few weeks ago. We are now considering IVF with PGS to try to minimise risk of yet another mc due to chromosomal abnormalities, we're also considering separate recurrent mc testing.

I've come across CRGH and their success rates look really good. Can anyone comment on them, and specifically which consultants you'd recommend? I'm nearly 39, and would be really keen for IVF with PGS testing and if we're super lucky, banking embryos for a possible third DC although I know that is probably too lucky to actually happen in reality!

thanks so much x

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