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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

my lil bro is in afghanistan and his girlfriend has had a miscarriage !!!!!!!!!!! is this classed as something they need to know about ????????

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dressedupnowheretogo · 05/05/2007 07:02

my poor sil has been having radio therapy for a while now and was told she cant have kids and last night suffered a miscarriage

my lil bro has only just been deployed to afghanistan and nothing this serious has ever happened while he's been on tour and we're not sure whether to ring the compassion line or not ? any forces wacs that would now what to do ?

i cant belive this has happened again the poor girl must be going insane they keep telling her she cant have kids and this is the second baby she's lost

i feel so sorry for her and we have a strained relationship since i got pregnant and had my lo coz she pregnant first time round sort of together

tia and any suggestions would be lovely

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whomovedmychocolate · 05/05/2007 07:31

Oh god yes call them. If nothing else she will want to hear him tell her he loves her.

Good for you for being so supportive too!

dressedupnowheretogo · 05/05/2007 07:52

ive bluey'd him to say she's not well and he must call do you think i should text him too?

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 05/05/2007 11:04

I would. Then she doesn't have to actually tell him. Saying the words 'I've had a miscarriage' can be painful to some people.

PavlovtheCat · 05/05/2007 11:07

yes call them and try to get him to phone her at the very least...

I am sorry for your sil's loss, and I agree, good for you for being there for her.

Blandmum · 05/05/2007 11:28

Your SIL should have a detatchment contact number. the information can be passed on to them (awful I know) and they will make sure that he gets the information.

I am not sure if they will bring him back or not, very possibly not (I know this sounds terribly harsh, but I'm trying to be realistic) The Armed Forces have very clear rules on what constitutes 'Campasionate grounds' for a return. I don't think that MC is on the list (sorry, I know how horrible this all sounds)

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