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Music and/or lyrics that helped coping after miscarriage

Yoshei · 16/02/2018 15:31


I've just had a miscarriage and have a hard time coping. When in distress I tend to turn to mysic.

I was wondering if anyone else found strength in music and/or lyrics and if anyone was willing to share them?

I've collected a few lyrics:

Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela)

If I see her again promise I won't Cry

She will never grow old
Or change her mind

There's something wonderful and odd about the escape
While you want them to be gone
You want them to stay

No one misses her like I do

Hope Vol. 2 - Apocalyptica

Hope is beauty

But in this heart of darkness
Our hope lies lost and torn
All flame like love is fleeting
When there's no hope anymore

Like a whisper, she was gone
Like when angels fall

Like an angel
Angels fall

Bittersweet - Apocalyptica

Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny


I'm bearing a cross
She's turned into my curse

Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny

I want you

Oh how I wanted you

And I need you

Oh how I needed you

Come back for me - James Young

I miss your frozen love too much
And I'd overdose from just a touch

After all I've bled for you
I can hardly breathe

Oh, you're back inside my dreams

Tell me is this love alive
Tell me now or set me free

Nightcall ft. Dreamhour - Dead V

Every hope
The silver lining that you've ignored
It won't be the same anymore
Bring me back to life
Everything I've done before
Comes crashing down, I'm feeling low
But is this the reality or just another dream

Everything is gone now
I'm six feet under
Regrets and memories, for me to wonder
Rest in peace
They say to me
But I just wanted to be free

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TheCatsPaws · 16/02/2018 18:48

I tend to notice songs that remind me of things. I still can’t listen to the last part of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph without ending in floods of tears because it reminds me of my ultrasound pictures (I’m pathetic).

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