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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Leslie Regans "Miscarriage book" Does anyone want my copy?

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bunny2 · 22/07/2004 20:46

It was very kindly sent to me after my m/c and I found it extremely helpful. Hopefully I'll never need it again and would like it to go to help someone else. Pls let me know if you want it.

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Canadianmom · 22/07/2004 23:17


Canadianmom · 22/07/2004 23:20

That was perhaps a little too short and sweet! I am in post-miscarriage misery. Have read all of the old threads and know that you have btdt including the fear of APS. My history is SO CLASSIC for it that part of me will die if I could have prevented this last miscarriage with a simple blood test...

bunny2 · 23/07/2004 13:49

Canadianmom, Of course you can have it. Email me your address - [email protected] and I'll post it to you. Pls try not to dwell on things you could have done differently in the past, you will have no way of knowing what has cuased your previous miscarriages. But if the symptoms of APS ring true to you, there is lots of detail about being tested for it. Look forward to your email. BXX

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Canadianmom · 23/07/2004 14:26

The symptoms of APS are ringing alarm bells everywhere!

DS1 IUGR put down to my pre-eclampsia. Labour induced at 37 weeks. Unusually small placenta no Wharton's jelly on the cord.

DD1 Small for dates... No obvious reason.

M/C1 18 weeks missed miscarriage. All was fine on scan at 16.5 weeks

DS2 Normal pg and delivery but midwife was surprised by the 'state' of the placenta as he was only 37 weeks 2 days. Also had an unusual shape with a lateral insertion of the cord.

M/C2 11.5 weeks missed miscarriage. No reason given. Anti-natal clinic called me back to re-do the clotting factor part of the bloodwork. GP said not to bother as they would not re-do the test since I was no longer pg...

M/C3 16 weeks missed miscarriage. No obvious reason so far but I have not seen the blood results...

I have mixed feelings about the whole nightmare being avoidable as we would not have ds2 if we had not 'lost' Owen.

Canadianmom · 23/07/2004 15:07

I will send you our address via email later this afternoon as WWIII is about to break out in my living room. Something to do with my chidren knowing that I am experiencing some adult communication ...This is strictly forbidden in our family!

bunny2 · 23/07/2004 19:06

Why did you get recalled, did they anticipate a blood-clooting disorder?

After your m/c 18 wks, was no explanation offered?

From what I understand APS can result in m/c after 12 wks, it is one of the reasons I couldnt relx until I got past 20 wks and started to feel kicks regularly. also, the state of the placenta and a small-for-dates baby do point towards possible blood-clotting problems. Have you looked at other chat sites? I came across a couple that had women with APS, I think and both had women with this syndrome.

I really hope you get the investigations you need and deserve. Noone should have to go through recurrent miscarriage. On the bright side, if APS is diagnosed, your chances of a successful pregnancy with medication is excellent.


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hana · 23/07/2004 19:57

Canadianmom, it's a great book. I was tested for APS after my m/c last October....lots of to-ing and fro-ing to the hospital for bloodtests - but most definately am glad that I did. the book really tells you your options with regards to tests and procedures.
Like Bunny said - try your very best not to think 'if only..'....I@ve seen you on the ttc board, you're awfully brave! Hope it continues and you're on the path to finding out some answers very very soon

Canadianmom · 23/07/2004 19:57

'Nothing' was found after my fist miscarriage because it was dismissed as a 'one-off' since we already had two healthy children (under 4 at the time). We were mid-overseas-move so I really thought that it might have been stress or lifting heavy things over a period of 2 weeks whist caring for my children by myself...

I was recalled because they were concerned about some value...Not even 100% sure now. I will need to ask my GP once I drag myself in there to find out about the latest blood test results (following this miscarriage they did a series of blood tests).

I only feel especially sad to think that I may have lost 3 babies needlessly if APS could have been diagnosed after my first miscarriage or for that matter after our ds1...

As you said, not much point in dwelling on the past but I would certainly like to avoid the situation again.

Canadianmom · 23/07/2004 20:01

Thanks Hana. I tried to make it clear on the TTC page that I am only trying to GATHER THE COURAGE to try to conceive. Not really sure that I will try again. Feeling lucky (blessed) to have 3 healthy children and too heartbroken to face another loss...

Were your results negative for APS then? Did they ever offer you a reason for your miscarriages?

hana · 27/07/2004 18:53

Canadianmom, yes my results were negative. With the first set of tests one of the levels was borderline high, but the next set (8 weeks later I think) was in the normal range, so I wasn't 'diagnosed' with APS. However, when I became pregnant this time around I was very keen to take the aspirin (I thought if anything is going to help, I am going to take it.....) but I had to stop taking it at about 9 weeks because it was affecting my stomach lining - one of the side effects is vomitting blood, which I was doing. So I stopped.
Have you had any time for yourself yet? 3 kids + summer holidays, so my guess is no.....hope you get some very soon

hana · 27/07/2004 18:54

and no, I didn't have any answers for the m/c.

Canadianmom · 05/08/2004 13:46

Did you get my email? I am hoping that I sent it to the correct email address.
I am having a horrible week. Hormonal and numb. I got my period back yesterday and I was a flood of emotions. Odd really as after the last miscarriages I was longing for my cycle to resume. This time it feels like a painful reminder that I am really not pregnant and I may not have the courage (or find myself in the right situation) to try again.

bunny2 · 05/08/2004 14:15

Hi Canadianmom, I am sure I wouldnt have the courage to try again so soon, it can take time. After my first mc it was 6 motnhs before I would even consider it. The time has to be right.

I never got your email. Try again at

[email protected]

I still have the book and it is looking for a good home.


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bunny2 · 05/08/2004 21:33

I'm rubbish. Try

[email protected]


OP posts:
Canadianmom · 09/08/2004 07:53

Thanks! I did try that address. Hope it gets to you you. You are SO NOT rubbish!

Canadianmom · 20/08/2004 10:38

Bunnny2: The book arrived safely on Tuesday. Thank you for passing it on! I have sent you an email (way too long--sorry) but I thought that I should post my thank-you here as well.

bunny2 · 20/08/2004 21:31

I really hope it provides you with some answers and reassurance.

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