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Rising hcg after miscarriage - what's that about??

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barrelrider · 19/04/2007 11:03

Need some advice from anyone who?s been here. Recently found out I was pregnant (just 5 weeks) ? had quite a lot of stomach cramp for a week and then lots of blood and clots. . Went into hospital for scan, nothing there. They took my bloods and again 2 days later - hcg risen from 60 to 90. 2 days later hcg was 150. Another scan (would have been 7 weeks pg by then), nothing in womb, lining thin, all looked normal ? but hcg up to 300. What is going on?? Have had all sorts of suggestions from the doctors ? ectopic, hormones settling down, even that the ultrasound scan isn?t picking up a pg but there is one there.

Naturally this is giving me false hope that I might still be pg, and at the same time I?m terrified that it?s ectopic.

Another scan next week (would be 8 weeks) and in meantime have been told to refrain from drinking and doing other stuff like eating stilton to be on the safe side.. this is really horrible  as I know that the scan will show empty again.

To top it off (rant alert) my mother is making the most insensitive comments imaginable!! She is joining in the false hope brigade with things like ?well, you never know, stranger things have happened? as if I could still be pg. And when I told her I may need a laporoscopy/laparotomy she said they are ?great, your dad was running upstairs the day after his keyhole surgery?. I mean for god?s sake, what?s great about having what?s left of a pregnancy, and possibly your fallopian tube removed????? Not to mention the impact on my chances of having a baby in future? And is there any mention of coming to visit/help with ds? Is there heck!

Anyway rant over, has this happened to anyone else? What was the outcome? How did you cope with it all?

OP posts:
mumto3girls · 19/04/2007 11:10

Can't help but just wanted to say sorry for what you're going through...i had a mc last month and although the hcg levels didn't rise they weren't going down as quickly as they expected and i had similar comments from people...doesn't help does it?

Why not wait and see what happens and if necessary ASK your mum to come and help ( if she won't upset you with more comments!!)

Hope it all gets resolved...

Mumpbump · 19/04/2007 11:13

Sorry to hear of your loss. There was a thread on here recently by someone who went through exactly the same. I will see if I can find it and link it for you...

Mumpbump · 19/04/2007 11:15

Here you go...

Jules' thread

dancer77 · 21/04/2007 01:35

Hi barrelrider

I know exactly what your going through . I was bleeding for 3 weeks then stomach cramps started and became unbearable so went to A and E. They told me I was pregnant and I'd possibly had a miscarriage or a threatend miscarriage (turned out I was about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant but didn't know). Went back next day for scan couldn't see anything but hcg levels were rising. They told me I had probably miscarried and to comeback after weekend to do another blood test. Done that and hcg levels were still rising which they didn't expect if I had had a miscarriage so they admitted me. Had another scan (TV scan) still couldn't find anything so they said I had apregnancy of unknown location, they said they couldn't see anything in my tubes but I was definatly pregnant and hadn't miscarried.

I had two options laparoscopy or methotrexate injection. I chose the injection and had it that night. It's taken 2 months for my hcg to come down its now at 3, well that was a week ago so hoping it's down to zero.

I was very ill with injection but everyones different. Very bad stomach pains and I'm still bleeding now, fairly heavily. Just waiting for a follow up appointment.

Let us know how you get on

barrelrider · 26/04/2007 09:37

Well now I know what happened (mostly): had another scan at 8 weeks, nothing to see. Blood tests came back - HCG risen in 1 week from 300 to 1245. So they called me into hospital and performed emergency laparoscopy and found pregnancy in L tube. They had to remove the pregnancy and the tube. So it was the outcome I feared all along.. anyway I'm glad it's over and I can move on. Still don't understand all that bleeding and clotting that happened, there were some mighty big clots in there but the hospital were insistent that it wasn't a miscarriage but just bleeding.

OP posts:
Iwtnyi2016 · 24/12/2019 12:01

Hi everyone had miscarriage 10 weeks ago didnt really have a period only spotting very light period had just started on the 10th week still getting positive preg test and hcg levels are 163 anyone else with similar experience.. I had erpc at 10 weeks of pregnancy

Sineadls · 15/08/2020 23:40

Did you find out what happened ? I am going through the same thing!!! Had a with levels of 45 at 6 weeks now 7 weeks my bloods are 152?x

Kellyjane90 · 07/01/2021 00:34

Hello everyone, I'm new to all this, its about time I spoke about everything. I don't really know where to start I've had 11 miscarriages now, me and my partner are at the fertility clinic aswell. I'm now pregnant found out on the 17th Dec, I went and had my hcg levels done they were 32, went back 48 hours 118, 48 hours again, 332, 48 hours again 859, so it looked like everything was going in the right direction this time. I had a scan and they said it was pregnancy of unknown location?? .. I was so confused . On boxing day night I had horrible pain on my left hand side, it didn't feel like a miscarriage. I had my hcg levels done again they dropped to 499. Another scan, same outcome. 48 hours had them done again they were 342, waited 48 hours again, they dropped down to 299 on new years eve. I had alot of pain so they did my bloods again, ans another scan, same unknown location they?? , the bloods were 238.The start of jan I sadly had another miscarriage, I had alot of blood clots and pregnancy tissue come out of me, that looked like a sac, I took it into hospital for analysis, as I've had so many miscarriages now! I then had more bloods after the miscarriage and they were 283 so they have gone up?? I'm so confused they are talking to me about having an injection? To get rid of all hormones or anything left in my womb? I'm abit unsure unless there is another baby in there and its just too early to see? I'm really stuck and I don't want to risk being in so much pain if it is eptioic and i don't want to risk loosing my tubes, please can anyone help me and advise me what to do, thankyou so much for listening and taking the time to read my experience xx

felicityheather · 10/01/2021 10:40

@kellyjane90 I can't advise much. I have had 6 miscarriages myself and waiting to find out my current situation. All I can say is because you've posted on an old thread you won't get much attention. Also the original poster might get emails and reminders about her situation from 2007, which won't be the best. Maybe you can copy and paste onto a new Thread? I hope you get the answers you need.

Kellyjane90 · 10/01/2021 13:22

Okay thanks do you know what blood group you are?.. it helps.. I didn't know this was 2007? Like i said im new and haven't got a clue?? I will have a look and see if I can make a new thread thanks for the heads up xx

Alexandra83 · 06/09/2021 20:02

Hello! Wow I am right now going through the exact same thing, reading this now I am feeling scared... I had a "supposed" miscarriage on August 20, with bleeding and clots (i was about 4-5weeks pg). Then I got tested several times for HCG that was low but kept on rising. Nothing to show on three ultrasounds 2 weeks ago, I was still hoping but now I think that what happened to you might be what is happening to me. Did you feel any abdominal consistent pain? My doctor says that that is a sign of ectopic pregnancy but I haven`t felt any pains. I would appreciate any comments... Is it certain they must cut the tube if this is what happened??
I am very sorry for what you had to go through, and I send you all my best fron CHILE!

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