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Feeling down after miscarriage

Mumtobejan2017 · 24/06/2017 17:20

Good evening

I have recently had a miscarriage, it's still very raw but I'm wondering how I will ever get over this.

At present I feel all-sorts of emotions.

I just want to lay on my sofa and not move all day.
My friend dragged me out for coffee and cake for yesterday, i then felt guilty for laughing after my baby had died.

I've also separated from my partner, we don't speak so I am dealing with this alone.
I can't ever imagine being with anyone else. Not that I want to right now.

I sit at an office job that bores me and I don't impartially enjoy much, I feel like I am not doing anything with my life. I feel like I should be out there helping people or something not sitting there selling things that don't have an impact on most people's lives.

Someone tell me this gets easier and I'm only feeling this way because I've recently lost my baby.

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Lime19 · 24/06/2017 21:22

I don't think I will ever really "get over it". I think having a successful pregnancy would help. Although that will be an anxious 9 months.

I'm 6 weeks post finding out my twins had died. 4 weeks post surgical management. It does feel raw at times still but it is starting to get better.

For me, getting back to normal healthwise will help. Getting back to trying will help too. Not quite there yet, but on the mend.

The few weeks after my mc honestly felt like Groundhog Day. I'd wake up and remember they had died, go to my boring job, come home, struggle to sleep... repeat the next day.

It does get better. When it gets better depends on the person but for me I'm finding each day less sad and filled with more laughter.

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user1497802451 · 26/06/2017 20:19

I promise it gets easier. What you're feeling is completely normal. More people have been through it then you probably realise.

if you don't have a partner to talk to then it might help to confide in someone else about how you feel. I've had 4 miscarriages but also have one healthy boy. This last one was the latest and the hardest after 3 jn a row but, after not telling people about the others, I have told everyone about this one. I just couldn't keep it to myself and I had to take a lot of time off work. I wanted people to understand why I wasn't myself. This has really helped me. There are some charities which provide support and advice too. Maybe contact one of those?

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